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Learn a completely unique way of trading with logic and precision, using a straightforward, evidence-based approach.

But unlike other trading courses, you won't feel lost —
you'll follow an exact roadmap to success in the shortest time possible

Great trading can completely change your life
- it changed mine.

If we haven’t met before - Hey, my name’s Nicholas.

I started learning to trade in 2002, after picking up a copy of City Trader from the bargain bucket at my local game shop. The game was terrible and I knew absolutely nothing about trading, but somehow it ignited a passion in me.

I became obsessed and wanted to learn everything I could about the markets. I read every book I could get my hands on, and spent countless hours enthusiastically learning every concept, technique, and strategy I could find.

Learning these things wasn’t so difficult, but profiting from them was a massive challenge. It was frustrating to spend months mastering strategies that only resulted in losses.

It seemed like none of them had a logical basis for why they work or what they're identifying. It was always some ambiguous statement about 'market psychology' or simply, "it just works".
But I wanted to succeed at trading, so I was ready to dig deep to figure out how to read the markets, find precise opportunities, and achieve profitable results.
I decided to objectively test everything I’d learned - ruthlessly rejecting anything that didn't work, and keeping what did. Trying to find some logic that would give me more precision. But what I found was shocking.

When I objectively tested these strategies and techniques (including some of the most popular ones) without confirmation bias... they were no better than just flipping a coin and hoping for the best!

But this process helped me to discover consistent behaviours in certain price movements. Without realising, I was taking a first principles approach to understand why markets move the way they do.

It took me several years to refine those discoveries into my own trading approach. But finally, my results began to improve. By the time I graduated university and started my career in banking, I was already making more money from my trading on the side than I was from my full-time job.

In 2012 (10 years after I started), I gained around £100,000 in private funding and made over £400,000 in profits. That was my sign to leave my career in banking to focus on trading full-time.

Since then, I’ve been fortunate enough to work with some of the best in the business. I collaborated with a successful physicist to refine our unique market theory and developed an algorithmic trading system. I've consulted at top financial institutions, guest lectured at UK universities, and traded more money than ever before.
These days, I wake up in the morning excited to start work. I love the challenge of the markets and the flexibility it gives me. I get the chance to improve the lives of people around me, and help other people do the same. It's been over 20 years since I started this journey, and my passion for trading only gets stronger.

I think it’s fair to say that trading has completely changed my life.

And I absolutely believe that if you give it your full commitment, use the right method, and follow the right development structure, trading can change your life too.

So how can you do it? How can you start finding precise trade opportunities and achieve impressively profitable results? Well, it’s actually quite simple…

The Simple “Secret” Formula for Consistently Profitable Trading

Over the last 20+ years, I’ve learned what it takes to create an effective system, develop elite trading psychology, and achieve sustainable profitable returns.

I’ve spent thousands of hours, and eye-watering sums of money to try and figure out the special formula that leads to high-performance trading and profitable returns. As I’ll explain later, I’ve made some amazing discoveries, but one of the biggest things is this:

Profitable trading comes from having a positive Trader’s Equation.

This is a really simple formula based on:
  1. The average size of your profitable trades.
  2. The average size of your losing trades.
  3. The percentage of profitable trades to losing trades.
That's it. There’s no secret holy grail strategy that ensures profitable trades every time. It’s impossible for anyone to know with 100% certainty whether an individual trade will result in a profit or a loss.

So then, how do you achieve a positive Trader’s Equation?

By taking trades that have a positive expectancy (or to put it simply: opportunities which would lead to a positive Trader’s Equation overall if you took them 1000 times over).

This can be figured out based on:
  1. The size of the potential profitable outcome.
  2. The size of the potential losing outcome.
  3. The probabilities of each of those outcomes.
(size of profit x probability of profit) - (size of loss x probability of loss) = trade expectancy

I personally guarantee that if you only take trades with a positive result to that formula, you will be able to make consistent, dependable, life-changing money from your trading. Your trading sessions won't feel frustrating, confusing, and uncertain, they'll feel fulfilling and enjoyable.
But you probably already knew that.

All of this stuff is easy in theory, but difficult in reality. Why is that?

Why do so few traders actually make profits over the long-term?

Two words: logic and precision.
Trading is a game of probabilities in complex markets, where fine margins are the difference between success and failure, and your own brain can sabotage you. If you’re not relying on precision and logic, you’ll be at the mercy of luck - and that can't last for long.
Traders are taught to focus on the risk-reward ratio. But without knowing the probabilities, how do you know if the trade has a positive expectancy even with the best risk-reward ratio?

Sure, you might find great trades in hindsight with a particular strategy. But in real-time, how can you estimate the probability of a price move that isn't precise?

And how can you forecast that precise price move without the logic of why and how markets move?

This is what makes profitable trading hard to achieve. Without realising, you could be playing a game of chance.

You see, to be a successful trader, you’ve got to master a lot of different skills, and failing at any of them will lead to losses. There’s a reason investment banks hire engineers rather than artists - because a lack of logic and precision won't lead to dependable profits.
There are many ways your trading will fail without precision and logic:

When to enter a trade

You hesitate before entering trades - will this be profitable or not? There's no meaningful logic for why your strategy should work so you don't know when it's not working either. Your P&L fluctuates so much that your performance feels random. And when you do have a profitable trade, it's partly due to the wide stop loss rather than finding a precise move.

How much to risk on a trade

You find a trade opportunity but can't decide how much to risk. You rely on an imprecise gut feeling or simply use the same position size on all trades. You end up risking too much on losing trades and not maximising the profitability of your best opportunities.

When to scale-in or exit

You feel uncertain about what action to take with open trades. When should you exit? When should you increase risk? Without a logical approach, you have the frustration of leaving money behind or watching as profitable trades turn to losses.

How your system should be set up

Your system doesn't have much logic, it's basically just criteria for entering a trade. You analyse markets hoping to find an opportunity, but don't have a precise process that's directed towards finding them. You waste time and energy following every price tick and feel uncertain about what each price move means for you.

How to manage your psychology

You're likely to encounter psychology-related issues - most traders do. But your brain is complex. Without understanding how it works, how can you figure out what's happening? Common advice like "remove your emotions" and "be more disciplined" are illogical and don't understand the root cause. You're left with the same problems, but with added frustration.

Where to improve

When your trading isn't going well, you don't know the exact problem to fix. Even when you're performing well, you have no idea where you can improve. You can't pinpoint the precise issue, so you have to make big overall changes or completely change strategy. These often just make things worse.
But figuring all this out on your own takes a lot of time and effort, without any guarantee your trial-and-error will lead to a positive pay-off.

I’m not saying it’s impossible to figure all this out on your own. I did, but it’s taken me over 20 years and cost thousands of pounds in lessons learned ‘the hard way’.

Yes, there are countless YouTube videos, books, and courses out there that claim to teach you all these things. But you could watch a thousand videos and still just be a knowledgeable amateur.

After investing time, money, and effort, you still might be left with a negative P&L.

So how do you succeed in the markets with precision and logic?
You develop a Root Cause Method.

That’s the secret.
If you go deeper than the surface-level to figure out the root cause of what’s going on, you’ll identify precise opportunities, solutions, and systems that rely on logic to achieve dependable outstanding results.
At its core, trading is all about forecasting future price movements. If you walk into any business around the world whose success is based on forecasting, they'll all be doing something similar: understanding "why".

Great forecasting doesn't come just by spotting trends or patterns. It comes from identifying the root cause and figuring out the logic of why those trends or patterns are happening. That means, you can also predict when future ones will appear.

Just like other successful businesses, you want to adopt a root cause method for how you analyse the markets and for all other aspects of your trading.
The root cause reveals the logic. Logic is how you trade with precision.
That’s the true secret to consistently profitable trading. Find the root cause and uncover the logic.
  • Uncover the logic of how prices move.
  • Uncover the logic of when to enter or exit trades.
  • Uncover the logic of trading psychology issues.
  • Uncover the logic of an effective trading system and strategies.
  • Uncover the logic of how to optimise and improve your performance.
What you start to realise is that most trading strategies, techniques, and advice are illogical. You start to understand why most traders fail, as they simply don't understand what's really going on.

When you understand the logic, you can anticipate exact turning points in the markets and find trade entries so precise that the price often doesn't even move a single pip against you.

It's not just about the markets themselves either. Taking a logical approach allows you to discover the truth about trading psychology, emotions, your system, and ways to improve performance.
I've done this for my own trading by developing The Duomo Method.
And I can help you learn it too.

The Duomo Trader Development Program condenses 20+ years and thousands of hours of trading experience into an immersive, comprehensive training program.

I'll teach you everything about the Duomo Method, the logical trading approach I've used to execute precise trades and succeed in the markets.
By the end, you'll know how to find trades that lead to a positive trader's equation, and have developed all areas needed for long-term success.
In 2016, I started teaching about the discoveries I made. I wanted to help traders take a more logical and precise approach to all aspects of their trading. This experience has led to the creation of this new, comprehensive training program, with a 70 hour curriculum covering all aspects of trading.

At the core is the Duomo Method, a unique approach to trading based on the Duomo Market Theory. We discovered important characteristics of the markets:
  • Certain activity triggers a synchrony effect, like we see throughout nature and physics
  • Price movements are fractals, with similar activity happening across time frames
  • Price cycles are time reversal invariant
  • Price moves, cycles, and fluctuations are not just random - they can be predicted
You'll learn these key discoveries in a simple way right at the start of the program, so you can fully understand them and use this logic to predict precise price movements.

You'll also focus on developing yourself. I've spent years digging into scientific research to understand what happens in our brains when we trade and how to achieve high performance. Unlike other trading courses, we rely on evidence-based information and logic.
As you progress through the program, here’s just some of what you'll be learning:
You'll learn to analyse the markets using the Duomo Method to understand the context and anticipate potential price moves. This'll allow you to accurately estimate probabilities of potential outcomes, find positive expectancy opportunities and execute trades with pinpoint precision.
You'll learn our Context-Based Trading Approach, which lets you maximise the profitability of your trades by making logical trade management decisions based on the activity in the market.
You'll adopt our Strategic Risk Management approach to identify the best risk strategy using logic to align with the opportunity and market context.
You'll learn other logical trading theories and approaches that align with the Duomo Market Theory and Method for bigger opportunities and precision. Including Order Flow Trading and Fundamental Analysis.
You'll create your own Customised Trading System that aligns with your strengths, preferences, and schedule. We rely on logic to determine what role the system plays in your trading, to save you time and effort, and improve your consistency and precision in the markets.
You'll get a deeper understanding of your mind and follow the Evidence-Based Sequence for Achieving High Performance. We use scientific research from neuroscience and psychology to provide a logical approach to preventing and solving trading psychology issues. This includes how to make trading emotions an advantage rather than an enemy.
You'll go through our Flywheel Effect Optimisation Process that uses logic to find precise improvements in your trading system and performance on an on-going basis. Your trading will continue to get better over time, just by joining this program.

Okay, that's a lot of stuff. But does the Duomo Trader Development Program actually work?

Here's how we've helped traders take the shorter route to their trading goals

Marco had never traded before he joined Duomo. He implemented everything he learned, and has been making £60,000+ a year in profits from his funded accounts since.

"This year, I've earned £66,000 with my funded accounts. I travelled for 2 months through Hawaii and Peru, and paid almost all of it with the money I earned from trading. How the Duomo Method breaks down the markets in a logical way and then leads you to pinpoint an entry that leads to a major move, is just unbelievable."

Marco, Switzerland

James had no trading experience before joining Duomo. He worked on his trading alongside his full-time job and was able to become a funded trader.

"I have been a huge advocate among everyone I know for the Duomo Initiative. Everything that they produce is always fantastically prepared and takes even those who have no experience in the finance industry whatsoever into consideration."

James, United Kingdom

Will had some experience in the markets from his career as a financial planner. After joining Duomo, he was able to deeply understand the markets and start executing precise trades.

"Since joining I have clarity in my vision and a clear direction on how to get there... If you can see yourself doing it in the next 5 years, jump in with both feet and don’t look back."

Will, Australia

Before joining Duomo, Connor had lost all his money to trading signal providers. After learning through our program, he got £140,000 in funding and now lives his dream life.

Connor is the co-founder of Explore Ice. He was once where you are now, deciding whether to become a Duomo member.

Connor started off in a stable engineering job after graduating from uni but always knew it wasn’t his final stop. He wanted more. “Engineering was just the start. I wanted to build something of my own, but I didn’t know what it would be,” says Connor.

Thinking trading might be his “something,” Connor, like many new traders, fell into the trap of flashy Instagram 'gurus' and their big promises.
He got hooked on a trading signal service that promised him the world, but sadly, he ended up losing all his life savings. “I thought it was my ticket to financial freedom while I learned the trade,” he admitted, “but it was a huge mistake.”

But here’s where Connor’s story takes a turn – instead of giving up, he dug deeper, determined to learn trading the right way. He faced challenges finding genuine learning resources until he found Duomo.
“Duomo was different. It made sense, it was logical, and I could see how and why the strategies worked,”
Connor put in the time and effort, learning systematically at Duomo, where the methodical approach resonated with his engineering mind. “Trading became more than a business model. It was a skill, based on reasoning and logic, almost like an engineering project,” he says.

As he started to succeed in the markets, Connor then faced a common hurdle – lack of capital, thanks to his earlier mistakes with signal providers. He decided to apply for funding from a prop trading company.

It was a nerve-wracking experience, but by using what he learned at Duomo, he managed to stay consistent and face the challenge head-on. He passed the funding criteria and secured an impressive £140,000 in trading funds.
At one point, he even joined the Duomo Team to mentor other traders, sharing his knowledge and helping them to succeed in their own trading journeys.

But Connor’s ambitions didn’t stop there. Like many traders, he used what he gained from trading to achieve something more. His newfound freedom and flexibility allowed him to achieve his dream of living in Dubai and invest in a successful start-up, Explore Ice, which he co-founded.
“The program didn’t just help me become a better trader; it allowed me to develop in all aspects of my life.”

Okay, so DTDP has clearly worked for other traders. But will it work for me specifically?

To be blunt, this depends on what sort of commitment you're wiling to make.

The program covers everything you need to succeed in the markets. But that success isn't going to happen by itself. This isn't a get-rich-quick scheme.

Trading is a complex skill that you need to put time and effort into learning. The program is fantastic, but it can't do the work for you.

So you need to ask yourself a question - are you willing to take this seriously and give it your full effort, or are you just going to dabble in the markets?

If you make the commitment, we'll prepare you with all the information and resources you need to tilt the odds in your favour.
Let's start with who the program won’t work for - DTDP isn’t for you if:
  1. You're not willing to put in the time and effort to learn the material, commit to doing focused practice sessions, or be consistent for the long term.
  2. You're looking for a magic strategy that will generate profits for you once you memorise it. Holy grail strategies don't exist - trading is a skill. You have to put in the work to develop it and build experience in the markets.
  3. You're hoping learning to trade is a way to get rich quickly. That's not how it works - trying to rush your way to profits will only be a shortcut to losses. Let's save the dreams of overnight riches for the lottery!
  4. You're looking for a guaranteed path to consistent profits. There are no guarantees in trading. We'll teach you the logic of the markets, how to find and manage precise trades, how to build an effective system, how to develop elite trading psychology, and anything else that's worked for us and our members. But we can't guarantee any specific results.
But what I can guarantee is that if you study and use what's taught in the program, stay consistent with practice sessions, and focus on only trading positive expectancy trades, your life will change.
Our objective is to help you achieve that in the shortest time possible by teaching you how to consistently rely on logic and precision in all aspects of your trading.

If that resonates with you and is something you want, then this program is for you.

If that isn't what you're looking for, then thanks for reading anyway - I wish you all the best on your trading journey. You can still learn with our free content, and feel free to get in touch at any time if you need guidance.

But, if you’re ready to commit to learning a logical way of trading with a proven path to success, we're here to support you, and we promise you'll get huge value from the program.


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6 - 12 months


1 - 3 years


3 - 5 years and beyond


Okay, I get it - the Duomo Trader Development Program is amazing.
But what’s actually in the program?
What do I get when I enroll?

We've pioneered a new approach for learning to trade, based on what research has revealed about the ideal way to learn a skill.

The 70+ hour program covers all aspects of trading, split across a carefully structured 20-stage curriculum. The lessons automatically unlock at an ideal pace based on your progress.

Check out a preview of what you'll learn:
Trading Foundations
You'll build a strong foundation of knowledge about the financial markets and all the key areas of trading. This will help you shatter incorrect beliefs about what trading is or isn't, enabling you to overcome issues that stop many traders from succeeding.

More info

World class performance always begins by forming a stable foundation and perfecting the core essentials.
  • Set a trading schedule that's individually tailored around when you will perform most optimally - based on scientific research.
  • Get set up with all the tools and resources you'll need to elevate your development and trading performance - including how to use them.
  • Make appropriate trading decisions that lead to long-term consistent and sustainable profits, rather than short-term high-risk gambles.
  • Open yourself up to endless possibilities in the markets by understanding how to tap into different asset classes.
You'll have the right understanding of the markets and your role as a trader, and have everything set up ready for your continued growth.
Developing High-Performance
You'll go step-by-step through the sequence for high-performance and complete practical activities designed to help you achieve it. These lessons are evidence-based and outline the research from psychology, neuroscience, evolutionary biology and other fields. This is the proven formula for reaching optimal performance.

More info

High performance doesn't happen by chance, it's achieved by following a consistent sequence.
  • A reliable method for reaching your optimal performance in the markets, while you're learning and in your everyday life.
  • How to reduce the feeling of effort when learning or trading, by using your biological processes to your advantage.
  • Accelerate your learning and reduce the development time needed to reach expert level by up to 50%.
  • Understand your neurobiology and how to tap into it to become more focused, motivated, calmer and accurate in the markets.
  • Set meaningful goals for your trading success based on the latest scientific research for proven effectiveness.
You'll have the steps to increase your potential and reach it in a reliable way. Proven to be one of the best feelings you can experience.
The Duomo Market Theory
You'll learn our unique market model and theory of price movements. This fascinating section will allow you to understand why price behaviour is predictable and what's really going on under the surface. This is the theory we discovered and refined while working on our automated trading system  and it's jaw-droppingly good.

More info

Having an underlying theory of price behaviour is critical for predicting future moves. This is our exclusive market theory.
  • The reason the Duomo Method is so accurate and powerful in the markets, and why this isn't the case for other trading methods.
  • How the Duomo Market Theory relates to other famous theories, like the efficient market hypothesis, and other fields of study like physics.
  • The approach we used to discover the principles of the Duomo Market Theory, to give you 100% confidence in what you'll be using to trade.
The Duomo Market Theory is one of the reasons this program is truly unique. The markets are far more powerful and fascinating than most traders realise.

Other trading methods look at surface-level patterns that are nothing but false causality; the Duomo Market Theory explains just why the Duomo Method is so incredibly precise.
The Duomo Method (Analysis)
You're going to master the art of precision in the markets. Unlike other trading approaches, you'll be using a method that's incredibly accurate and picks out profitable moves that are beyond a coincidence. The techniques you'll use ensure you're not trading based on false causality, clustering illusions, or any other meaningless factors other traders rely on.

More info

The tools and techniques you'll use to identify the precise time to enter your trades and accurately predict future price movements
  • Powerful ways to pick out trades with such a high level of accuracy that the price often won't move a single pip against you.
  • How to assess the strength and dependability of an opportunity so you have complete conviction and confidence about how much to risk.
  • Take advantage of profitable moves by identifying meaningful levels and confirming the positioning is not random or a coincidence.
You'll develop a level of accuracy in the markets that you won't get with any other trading method.

By mastering this section, you'll begin to read the charts like a book and understand the narrative at play. Therefore, allowing you to execute great trades with conviction.
Risk Management and Strategy
By mastering risk management throughout these sections, you'll be able to maximise the potential of each opportunity you trade. Most profitable traders know the basics of risk management, but you're going to learn how to use risk management more strategically. That's a skill that separates the good traders from the great traders.

More info

Risk management is one of the biggest contributors to trading success. Most traders don't know how to use it effectively.
  • How to manage your risk appropriately with simple techniques that stop you from losing money unnecessarily.
  • Use your risk management in a more strategic way to flip the odds of succeeding more in your favour and maximise every opportunity.
  • Open yourself up to endless possibilities in the markets by understanding how to tap into different asset classes.
By the end of these sections, you'll be able to open appropriate trades based on the opportunities you identify using the Duomo Method and manage them correctly.

You'll also be able to think strategically about how to get the most out of the trade, so you can achieve high performance in the markets.
Context-Based Trading Approach
Build world class trade management skills by using a context-based trading approach, the style we've pioneered. This is a logical way of managing your trades that takes the guesswork out of exiting trades or adding to your positions; leaving you trading with full conviction.

More info

Great trade entries aren't enough - consistent profits come from mastering what happens after the entry.
  • Approach your trading like a chess grandmaster, by learning how to assess potential outcomes and go beyond first-order thinking.
  • Understand when context shifts take place in the markets, so you can take the appropriate actions with your trades and maximise profits.
  • Learn how to estimate probabilities and use Bayesian cognition to figure out the expected value of different trading situations.
By the end of these sections, you'll be able to make more complex decisions in the markets. You'll be ready to execute and manage trades from entry to exit at a level most traders can only dream of.
Advanced Market Theory
You'll join a very small minority of traders who genuinely understand how the markets work and what drives prices. Most traders don't know the mechanics of why prices move in the markets, so they're underprepared for different types of activity. You're going to understand what causes each movement, so you can correctly diagnose a situation and plan your actions.

More info

To comfortably navigate any type of market situation, you need to understand the forces that drive the movements.
  • Ditch the basic supply and demand that most traders think they know, and learn the deeper theories that institutional traders understand.
  • Learn about how 'big players' operate in the markets and what this means for your trading - including how this provides opportunities.
  • Understand what causes changes in market dynamics and when it's a sign that you should or shouldn't be trading.
Most traders have no idea how the markets they trade in actually operate - they don't even know that they don't know!

You're going to start elevating your understanding to an institutional level, which will pay off with better trading results, confidence and knowledge.
Order Flow and Advanced Supply & Demand
Look 'under the hood' in the markets and see what's going on beyond the candlestick charts. You'll master the tools often associated with professional traders, allowing you to assess the levels of supply and demand, see who's in control of the markets, and align your trades with those of the big players.

More info

Being able to monitor the levels of supply and demand in real-time and understand what they're showing you is a gamechanger
  • How to use professional trading tools to identify key levels based on supply and demand for precise reversal trades.
  • Be able to analyse the level of activity at different price areas, and understand where that means the price is likely to move next.
  • Detect the onset of potential threats in the market, so you can keep your capital safe regardless of how the dynamics change in the market.
You'll be armed with powerful skills and tools that give you an insight into how insitutional traders are operating during a session. This gives you a big advantage over regular retail trading methods.
Building a Trading System
The most successful trading system is the one that helps you trade at your very best. Rather than taking a 'one size fits all' approach like other trading methods, you'll be guided step-by-step to creating a system that's optimal for you. This is the way to achieve consistency with your trading, while getting to play to your individual advantages.

More info

You're going to construct a system that's perfectly tailored for you. Your strengths, your schedule, and the way you want to trade.
  • Step-by-step process for figuring out the best system elements for you - increasing your chance of being consistently profitable.
  • How to separate system from strategy, so you know exactly what you should be doing at all times with your trading to get good results.
  • Creating a process that will allow you to reduce the time spent in front of the charts, while simultaneously improving your returns.
You'll be set up with a clear plan for how to approach the markets each day. No more confusion, overwhelm or inconsistent results. Instead, you'll enjoy more consistency and better performance.
Trading Psychology and Neuroscience
Learn the neuroscience and psychology of trading, and understand how this impacts your decision-making, emotions and experiences in the markets. You'll use science-based information that goes deeper than the surface-level trading psychology you find elsewhere, to make your mind your advantage.

More info

Your success as a trader depends on what happens in your mind. In the Duomo Program you'll fine-tune this with an unparalleled science-based approach.
  • Improve your trading decisions by using your emotions as an edge, rather than 'removing them' like most traders try and fail to do (based on extensive scientific research).
  • Understand the automatic neurological and physiological processes that negatively affect your performance and how to overcome these.
  • Overcome the gambling tendencies that afflict most traders, by learning why our brain is designed that way and how to rewire it.
  • Make calmer decisions in chaotic moments with simple techniques to keep you focused on your trading plan and executing it perfectly.
Most trading psychology lessons focus on surface-level symptoms and don't solve any root cause problems. We dive into scientific research to make sure we're getting to the source.

This training won't just improve your trading, it'll improve your life.
Optimisation Process
This is how we're going to make sure this is the only trading development you ever need. We'll give you processes and models for optimising and improving every aspect of your performance, trading system, and even your well-being. This ensures you continue to get better and better throughout your career, despite what the markets (or life) throws your way.

More info

Becoming consistently profitable is just the starting point, then it's time to optimise and improve your profitability for the long-term.
  • The simple technique that allows every trade you take to improve the performance of all your future trades.
  • Processes for using your trade data to enhance all areas of your trading system and performance.
  • Step-by-step ways to troubleshoot your trading system and find any issues. Including guides to solve the problems and get back on track.
Data and optimisation is used in all industries to improve performance these days. Most traders are stuck in the past, but the Duomo Program will bring you into the future.
Fundamental Analysis
Although the Duomo Method relies on the price and volume charts, it works hand in hand with fundamental analysis. This is a skill that's avoided by most retail traders who mistakenly think it's too complex. You'll get taught everything you need to start implementing fundamental analysis in your trading, in a simplified way that anyone can follow.

More info

It's not just all about price charts. Understanding the bigger picture helps you find bigger opportunities and better protect your capital.
  • Use techniques for better analysis in situations with uncertain outcomes, developed and used by the US Central Intelligence Agency.
  • Exclusive fundamental analysis dashboard that we've used to monitor and find obscure connections that provide undervalued opportunities.
  • Get a complete understanding of the principles of economics (macro and micro), and what each economic data release is showing you.
By the end of these sections, you'll be fully equipped to begin forming your own fundamental analysis opinions and identifying when there are risks on the horizon to avoid.
Strategies and Prep for Getting Funded
You'll also go through preparation for becoming a funded trader. We'll provide training plans, advice, and even teach you the strategies we used to obtain funding. So, even if you don't have much capital, you can earn a great income from your trading. Right now, it's possible to get 6 and even 7-figure funding - and we'll teach you how to do it.

More info

Third-party funding increases the possibility of trading being a life-changing skill for you, especially if you don't currently have a lot of money to trade with. But it requires a slightly different approach to your regular trading, and you'll learn all about it in these sections.
  • I'll teach you my process for managing a funded account sustainably to achieve longevity, rather than making the same mistakes that cause most traders to lose their accounts.
  • You'll learn my exact strategies for passing prop funding criteria in different scenarios, and the training plan you need to follow to be fully prepared.
  • I'll walk you through other funding options besides prop firms, including the steps I followed to acquire the private funding in 2012 that changed my life.
Becoming a profitable trader is a major milestone in your career, but it isn't the end of the journey. We will make sure you know exactly how to increase your profitability and maximise the earning potential of your newly developed, highly valuable skill.

But if the curriculum is 70+ hours, what makes it the shorter route to profitable trading?

It may sound like a lot, but this in-depth process will actually save you time and effort. You'll avoid the countless hours of struggle, confusion, and costly mistakes that traders go through with self-learning or alternative courses.

The curriculum doesn't only teach you how to trade. It's designed to support you even once you start succeeding in the markets and face different challenges.

It's a bit like running a marathon. If you try to sprint your way to a faster time, you'll only fail. It's by understanding the full journey that you can plan the ideal pace.

You'll also get access to our detailed supporting resources

Extensive Practice Activity Database
Building any skill requires repetitions and continually pushing yourself into the 'challenge-skill zone'. Without guidance, it can be difficult to know how to do this. We've got you covered with a database of hundreds of practice activities covering all aspects of the skill of trading, at all development levels. This makes things really straight-forward and convenient for you, so you can focus 100% of your available time on the thing that matters - your progress.
The Knowledge Hub
If you've got questions, you're likely to find your answer in the Knowledge Hub. Rather than having to go back through the program to find the information you're looking for, you can look through our self-serve buffet of insights.
Level-Up Progress Review System
This self-assessment system will help you figure out what level you're at in all parts of your trading, so you know which areas need more development. It explains exactly what you need to do to 'level-up' and reach the next stage in your development, and details about how you'll know when you've achieved it. This means you're always clear about what you need to do next to keep making progress towards your end goal.

🎁 Plus these free bonuses too...

That's right. These bonuses were only available as part of a paid monthly membership - but we've decided to bundle them in for you for free.
Free Bonus #1
Duomo Member Community (1 Year Access)
You'll be given access to our exclusive community for members of the Duomo program. This includes:
  • Live Markets Chat: follow the live markets with other members, Nicholas, and the Duomo Team.
  • Nicholas's Weekly Markets Overview: At the start of each week Nicholas will share his analysis and preferred markets.
  • Support, feedback, and Q&A: You can post any questions you have, and get feedback on your trades or analysis.
Free Bonus #2
Live Stream Feedback Sessions (1 Year Access)
Get one year of access to monthly live stream sessions with Nicholas and other dedicated Trading Mentors at Duomo. You can submit your trades, analysis or practice activity work, and they'll choose submissions to go through and explain during the live session. The sessions are 1-2 hours long and you can tune in live or watch the replay at any point in the future.
Free Bonus #3
Video Breakdowns of Nicholas's Trades
Watch detailed breakdowns of trades Nicholas has taken in the live markets. He'll explain his analysis, the actions he took and the decision-making process he went through, so you can learn from his ~20 years of experience. These are regularly updated and available in a dedicated library within your platform.
Free Bonus #4
Replays of Live Trading Sessions
Throughout the program, you'll be taught and shown practical demonstrations of all the skills you need to succeed in the markets. But seeing them in a live trading session brings it to a whole different level. You'll get video replays of entire trading sessions with Nicholas (several hours at a time), so you can pick up on all the nuances, decisions and actions that take place in a real, live market situation.
Free Bonus #5
Trading Journal, Tracking and Optimisation Templates and Resources
"What gets measured gets improved." The problem is, beginners don't know what to measure or improve! But we have a solution. We'll give you all the templates and resources you need to track all aspects of your trading. We'll prompt you with what you need to write and record, so you have everything you need to make full use of the optimisation sections of the program.
Free Bonus #6
Specially Produced Meditation Sessions for Traders
Trading is an activity with unique mental and physiological challenges, and meditation is a great tool for dealing with those. There are loads of guided meditation sessions online for sleep, stress, relaxation - but not specifically for trading. We created a series of specially produced meditation tracks for traders, focused on a range of different situations. You can use these before, during and after your sessions, and even when you're going to bed.
Free Bonus #7
Custom Sierra Chart Chartbooks & MT5 Templates
Struggling to figure out how to set up your charts? Overwhelmed with the complexity of Sierra Charts? Don't worry - we're going to hook you up. You'll be able to download the exact setups we use in MT5 for price and volume charts, and Sierra Chart for Volume Profile, Footprint Charts and Depth of Market (DoM). These have been customised to align with what you're learning and using with the Duomo Method.

Try The Duomo Program for 14-days, 100% risk-free

Imagine buying a house without ever looking inside it. It would be ridiculous, wouldn't it?

The only way you can make a fully informed decision is by looking on the inside, not just the outside. It's the same for the Duomo Trader Development Program. You need to see what's on the inside.

That's why we offer a 14-day no questions asked money-back guarantee. If you decide the program is not for you (for any reason), all you have to do is send an email to contactduomo@duomoinitiative.com asking for your money back. We typically respond within 2 business days and we'll process your full refund straight away. It doesn't matter if you email on day 1 or day 14, we'll refund you - no questions asked!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need any trading experience before I join the program?
No, we cater to all ability levels.

We've had many traders join Duomo without knowing a single thing about trading before enrolling. Before long, they are fully up to speed with traders who have been in the markets for much longer. The first stages of the program, which unlock as soon as you enroll, will give you all the foundational knowledge you need to start your trading journey.

We've structured the program based on the latest research into the most effective ways to develop complex skills, and the very best educational practices. This allows us to cater for all ability levels and to guide even complete beginners smoothly along without them feeling overwhelmed.
How much time do I need to set aside each week?
You can learn at your own pace. That means, you can spend as much or as little time working on your trading each week as you want (or are able to). Obviously, the more time you have, the quicker you'll be able to achieve your goals in the markets.

We recommend learning blocks of 60-90 minutes. This is particularly true for your purposeful practice sessions. When you spend longer than 90 minutes on a practice session, the additional time is mostly wasted. Since you need intense levels of focus, our brains can't perform in the way we need them to beyond that amount of time.

Therefore, even if you're busy, if you can fit in a few 60-90 minute sessions per week and commit to them consistently, you'll see constant improvement and growth in your trading ability. For example, one session mid-week and two sessions at the weekend.

In fact, as you'll find out in the program, fitting in a learning session while you're tired after a day of work (or other activities) can contribute towards the sequence for achieving high performance.

Whatever your schedule looks like, you can make the Duomo Program work for you. The bigger question is whether learning to trade is a priority for you? If the answer is yes, your best decision would be to join the program.
Is this lifetime access?
Yes, the program and resources are lifetime access. You can watch and use them as often as you like.

However, the bonuses include 1 year access to the community and live streams. Your access to those resources will end after 12 months, but there will be an opportunity to extend your membership.
What sort of support do I get if I have questions or need feedback?
We'll be giving you access to bonus resources that provide you with more hands-on support.

The member community is where you can follow the markets with other members, the Duomo Team, and me. If you have questions or need feedback, you can get a quick response there.

You'll also be able to join our live streams, where you can have your questions answered by me directly in real-time. I can go through your trades, analysis, or other work, to provide guidance and feedback. If you need me to go more in-depth on a particular topic, we can also do that during a live session. Replays of all these sessions will also be available.
Will I be learning a particular strategy?
We don't believe that traders can succeed just by learning a pre-set 'one size fits all' strategy. Instead, trading is a complex skill and great traders have to learn to adapt to different situations, including choosing the type of strategy they use for that particular moment.

You'll learn a method that allows you to do five things in the markets: understand what's happened so far, interpret the current situation, anticipate what may happen next, execute appropriate trades based on that, and then manage the trade effectively once it's open.

In other words, you're developing the complex skill of trading and this will equip you to deal with any market, in any asset class, with any type of market activity.

You'll be guided along the process of building your own system that's based on your strengths, schedule, lifestyle and the way you want to work. This will then allow you to have a consistent process to follow, making your search for opportunities more efficient and your trading decisions more effective.

One of the reasons most traders fail is because they don't treat trading as a skill, instead they're on the hunt for a 'winning strategy'. However, trading is like any other performance skill and traders who develop with that in mind will be the ones who succeed.

What our members say about us

We care deeply about the success of our members.
Here's how we've helped people in your situation.
Jacob, United Kingdom
"Not to get too cheesy but finding The Duomo Initiative has possibly been the best thing that's ever happened to me. I've learned so much about the financial markets and after 6 months of solid studying I've realised I can turn this into my career."
Iry, Italy
"I was very fortunate to have discovered the Duomo Method very early on in my trading journey so I was able to avoid many of the painful experiences that new traders go through."
Raffaele, Australia
"I've been trading on-and-off for over ten years. My greatest challenge before joining Duomo was consistent profitability! I felt like trading wasn't for me, that I wasn't going to make it as a trader. It's not easy - is anything that’s worthwhile in life? But the rewards are there when you start to put in the work in the right way."