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10 Essential Twitter Accounts for Traders

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Twitter is rapidly becoming an essential element within a trader’s armoury; being part of a resourceful approach towards operating a cost effective data terminal. Twitter allows users to track news in near real-time, in order to make effective trading decisions that are likely to be more congruent with the current market forces.For this to happen, traders require informed tweets in a timely fashion from reputable sources. With multiple tweeters to choose from, filtering the good from the bad can be a daunting task. Especially when trade accuracy and real money is potentially at stake.Thankfully, there are some notable Tweeters within the industry that can be relied upon as credible sources. Many of these Tweeters have an outstanding reputation within the industry and as a result are hardwired into the financial network to supply the most accurate, unbiased (within reason) breaking news/releases and insights, to provide the fundamental context behind market movements.**Begin drum roll** So, here we go with our list of the Top 10 Finance and Trading Tweeters. In no particular order…@FXStreetNewsFX Street is a Forex news reporting site. Data releases are released in real-time on their website rather than their Twitter feed which has a slight delay, yet the breadth of coverage ensures they cover some releases that other providers miss. An interesting addition to the main site is a collated Twitter feed which can be used to bolster your followed list with other relevant financial Tweeters.@ZeroHedgeZeroHedge offer exclusive and in-depth insight and analysis throughout the US trading session. Regarded as doom mongers by some; their tongue-in-cheek, yet detailed reporting and commentary regularly provides contrarian analysis to established news sources to broaden a trader’s outlook. Their cynicism, wit and sarcasm often add some flavour to the occasional data-heavy, drab afternoon!@DailyFXDailyFX are a Forex news reporting site which is usually the first to report headline figures direct from source. Only snippets of analysis are provided through the Twitter feed itself, yet the volume of data releases covered ensure that DailyFX can counteract any missed news or economic items from your daily calendar.@TradeDesk_SteveSteve Collins is Global Head of Dealing at London & Capital Asset Management. He uses his considerable experience to not only provide lightning-quick breaking news, but often provides extra insights (particularly regarding UK assets) that add real value to the standard data releases.@FGoriaFabrizio Goria is a financial journalist who is the reference point for Eurozone breaking news, especially with regards to Italy. In addition to unique bite-size analysis and perspectives, @FGoria is a rich source for the best finance articles from around the web.@APThe Associated Press is the most reputable source for breaking news, as this is usually the first destination for non-economic news releases. Associated Press and other breaking news accounts are particularly relevant in times of significant conflict, for example the Ukrainian Crisis, whereby sudden events can cause great market movements in a short period of time.@ForexCrunchForex Crunch is a Forex news and opinion website which provides a range of timely and interesting Tweets. The two standout features are the pre-warnings for important news, complimenting the crowd sourced articles, which offer much needed diversity to a Twitter feed both through topic and contributor types.@ALaidiAshraf Laidi is the chief investment strategist at City Index and CEO & Founder of Intermarket Strategy. He brings a wealth of analytical insight through the perspective of both roles, with a focus on forex. @ashraflaidi provides the commentary that helps provide the context to the sometimes confusing sudden movements of the markets.@PawelMorskiPawel Morski uses his extensive network and background in fund management to provide a fascinating and humourous insight on developing stories. The attention to detail displayed leads to a wide variety of Tweets that are as satirically accurate as they are thought-provoking.@ForexLiveForex Live are a Forex news reporting website that are often at the forefront of providing data releases as they happen. One of the best sources for announcing breaking news and discovering the story behind the action; each Tweet features short-but-sweet reasoning in the accompanying link.@BrendaKelly_IGThe commentators from IG group are some of the best in the industry, with Brenda Kelly the pick of the bunch. @brendakelly provides a down-to-Earth opinion, laced with sharp humour, relevant retweets and market acumen. Brenda Kelly is the Chief Market Strategist at IG with her feed providing particular value for those focused on UK or Irish assets.