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Are You Ready to Achieve Greatness in Trading This Week?

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It’s a bit of a cliché these days but I still love the famous quote from Ray Lewis:

“Greatness is a lot of small things done well, stacked up on each other.”

It takes me back to my college days, playing on the basketball team and getting myself psyched-up pre-game by listening to music and famous sports speeches. There was always a recurring theme: if you want to win, you have to battle for every inch; to push yourself for every second of the game and be disciplined to avoid complacency. That’s how winners operate - and that’s how greatness is achieved.I think we can all agree - that is a phenomenal attitude to have! Imagine if we adopted that approach for everything in life…Success wouldn’t be a challenge, it would become the norm.

Focusing on the Micro

That’s why our theme for this week will be on achieving greatness in trading by focusing on doing the small things really well.This is overlooked by so many people and leads to catastrophes; the majority of traders focus on the big picture and lose sight of the micro-strategy that will get them to their goals. So let’s get straight to some essential micro tools this week and get ready to graft our way to success. But before I introduce the topics, I have a really important point for you to note:Small does not automatically mean basic or easy. Don’t take these tools for granted.Got it?… Good.

So here’s what to expect from this week:

  • Tomorrow we will discuss how you can make your trading tighter by understanding key movements around significant levels, to avoid misunderstandings in the market.
  • Following that, I’ll let you in on my strategy for developing your own self-discipline that will allow you to focus on the charts in the correct way - this has been taught to many traders I’ve worked with and has always gone really well.
  • Finally, we’ll add another piece of the jigsaw (so get ready to multitask!) by looking at how volume/tick data will contribute to your micro strategy to make you as precise and patient as a sniper.

Sound good?Great, because I’m genuinely excited about this week. These steps are the difference between failing like most people and making an absolute killing.