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Tightening up Our Trading After Last Week

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Last week was a tough week in the markets, right?But don’t expect the roller-coaster ride to end there!I can tell from the emails I’m receiving from you that the current economic activity is not only concerning you, but also making your trading life more difficult.So let’s try and fix that problem.As well as teaching you our methods of trading, I'm also here to act as a mentor to you – to make sure you’re staying on the right path with your trading development and to help you overcome those difficult moments.With that being said, there are two things I want to make sure you do, in order to be fully prepared for whatever comes your way.Firstly, you need to make sure you’re ready for any economic announcements that can send the markets into overdrive.To do this, I would recommend you head over to our Inner Circle members area and read ‘How to Trade Like a Trader-Preneur’ so you can get set up with a professional trading terminal.Secondly, you need to actually understand what the economic data means. So I’ve arranged a bit of assistance for you.