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The Duomo Method
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Everything you need to learn the skill of trading, build a customised trading system and succeed with confidence in your career as a trader.


Kickstart Your
Trading Journey

Whether you’re new to the markets or a seasoned veteran, the Duomo Method gives you a rock-solid approach that hundreds of traders use with thriving results.

Get Trading Tactics
to Use Instantly

While the "secret" to the Duomo Method's success is built on principles of market theory, there are plenty of practical tactics you can apply to your trading almost straight away.

Gain Confidence
in the Markets

Dispel doubt and uncertainty on how to make money in even the toughest markets. The Duomo Method walks you through a systematic approach you can count on time and time again.

The only obstacle to great trading should be your effort

But there's a problem...

New traders also have to battle against so many other obstacles that stop them becoming consistently profitable. This includes using bad methods, developing bad habits, working with useless mentors and learning the wrong things at the wrong time.

The Duomo Method lets you avoid and overcome those hurdles. Develop your potential and become a great trader with a successful trading approach.


Creating your own
trading success story

The Duomo Method covers everything you need to trade the markets profitably and create your own financial success story. This means all the principles, practice and… well, method of the Method.

I don’t want you to just “follow along”; it’s not that kind of approach. In fact, the Duomo Method is designed to help you build YOUR trading system.

When you’ve got a system that you’ve deliberately put together, you know exactly WHAT you’re doing with a trade, HOW you’re going to manage things, and WHY you’re getting into or out of it.

"Having been involved with the Duomo Method for a while now, the reason I like it a lot is that it actually explains a lot of the market movements where a lot of other methods don't seem to ... this method finds the exact candle a reversal is predicted to happen for sniper like accuracy."
Christopher Portway - Course Member

16+ hours of video lessons and chart demonstrations

Practical activities and supporting text

Learn at your own pace in a step-by-step way

24/7 lifetime access (including future updates)

Here's what you'll learn...

The Duomo Market Theory

One of the unique things about the Duomo Method is that it is derived from a market theory that Nicholas developed with his team at PuriCassar AG. You will learn more about this theory, how it explains price movements and how your approach to trading will fit with this.

Technical Analysis

The method is based on an accurate and dependable style of technical analysis based on our market theory. We have been ruthless in testing and selecting the right tools and concepts to ensure you'll be using the right tools, in the right way, at the right time. A combination for success.

Risk Management

It may sound counter-intuitive, but success in trading and consistent profits are more likely if you are focused on protecting your downside rather than simply chasing returns. We will teach you simple approaches for managing your risk so you do not lose money unnecessarily.

Building a system

The Duomo Method is not one single system or strategy. It is an approach that can be shaped to suit your own strengths and the way you want to fit trading into your life. We will show you how to form the things you've learned into a customised trading system that brings you success.


Each time you analyse the markets or open a trade, you are gaining valuable new information. We will show you how to use information from your trading and your daily activities to optimise your system and your own performance for continual improvements. Keep getting better and better.

Trading psychology

Once you have the skills, the ability and a powerful system, you need to combine that with a mindset that's built for success. It's often said that success in trading comes down to psychology. We will show you how to harness your own psychology to help deliver long-term gains.
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A self-serve hub of all things Duomo Method. Get instant answers to questions about markets or the method.
Deliberate Practice Sessions
A database of pre-prepared activities to use for your deliberate practice sessions so you can keep developing.
Live Stream Trade Breakdowns
Live streaming sessions with Nicholas and our team to explain specific live trades and potential opportunities.
Chart Analysis & Guidance
Weekly analysis overviews and guidance to prepare you for the week and feedback on your own breakdowns.
Masterclass Webinars
Detailed sessions to help you overcome specific sticking points in the markets and understand the nuances.
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Our Commitment To You

30 Days, 100% Risk-Free

Before you decide to join the Duomo Method, I’d like to make an agreement with you.

Invest, then commit yourself to this course for 30 days. Give it 100% of your effort and focus. Watch the videos. Take notes. Replay them. And of course, do the exercises!

If you do this, and aren’t convinced the Duomo Method will give you the skills to trade profitably, simply ask for a refund within 30 days and you'll get every penny back.


Check out What Other Members Say About the Duomo Method

Philbert Ranji
Course Member
“The Duomo Method is BY FAR THE trading method to learn if you want to take trading as a profession/business - and I should know, I've taken quite literally a dozen "trading courses" before bumping onto Duomo Initiative!”
Matthew Wagerfield
Course Member
“Nicholas Puri is the real deal. The course he's put together and the supporting content and community are amazing. Gone are the days of signal services and nonsensical strategies that I haven't seen any results from.”
Rubén Carralafuente
Course Member
“Having had very bad experiences in the past trying to invest in Forex on my own. Now I realize that I just did not have the clear concepts or the right methodology. If you are thinking about starting this, you must honestly do this course first.”
Donnie Clark
Course Member
“I have thoroughly enjoyed the Duomo Initiative course... After having completed numerous FOREX trading courses over the years, The Duomo Initiative was the best by far!! The training was logical, well organized, in depth, and easy to understand.”
Christian Davis
“This course has been extremely detailed and easy to follow. anyone who's on the fence about taking this course who seriously wants to learn. I highly recommend you do.”
Oscar Sánchez
Course Member
“The best course to learn how trade forex. Nicholas teach you everything that you need to know it doesn't matter if you don't know anything about the financial markets this course teach you the most important things form the most basic concepts to the most advance techniques in a simple and easy way to learn.”

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much time will it take?

The amount of time will be different for everyone, as it will depend on how much time you have available to learn and practise, how quickly you are able to learn the content and how focused you can be during your development sessions.

To give you a general idea, here is an average timescale that will work for most members that are able to stay focused during their learning time and spend 10-20 hours per week. This is based on our 3-phase learning plan:

Phase 1: Focus on learning the tools and concepts deeply (3 months)
During this phase you are spending your time learning about each individual tool, concept and approach (part of this will include completing the course, which has over 16 hours of video modules). You will then have focused deliberate practice sessions to learn each thing deeply. Each deliberate practice session will be 1-2 hours of focused, intense work. You don't worry about taking an entire trade or about trading results at this point as you need to learn the foundations deeply first.

Phase 2: Focus on achieving consistency and understanding context (3-6 months)
At this point you will understand the different aspects of the Duomo Method, but will now need to bring it all together into entire trades based on different market contexts. This will be done using a demo account and the focus is initially on consistency rather than making profits. Once consistency is achieved, you will then focus on enhancing profitability. By the end of this phase, you will feel comfortable taking a consistent approach and following a consistent decision-making process in any market situation.

Phase 3: Focus on achieving consistently profitable returns (3-6 months)
At this point you will be transitioning to a live trading account, so you are trading with real money - this means you can already be making a real profit at this point. However, as this is still a development phase, you will use only a small amount of your capital. The focus is on achieving consistently profitable results. If any clear weaknesses emerge, you can return to Phases 1 or 2. Once you are certain you are able to achieve consistently profitable results over a significant period of time, you can move out of the development phases and start with full live trading.

Do you need much money to trade?

You will be learning a method of trading that will do the same thing with a £2,000 trading account as it will a £200,000 trading account. Your return and risk is based on a percentage. This means, if you take a trade and earn a 5% profit that will be the same percentage regardless of your account size.

The question you need to ask yourself is how much money will make the time you put into trading worthwhile for you. If you could make 5% on a £2,000 account that would mean a profit of £100... would that be worth your time? You set your own limits.

To put this in perspective, a little while ago we ran a live trading account that was public and verified on Myfxbook. We set certain restrictions to make it realistic for the thousands of people following the account and to show everyone what could be done.

After just 6 months of trading part-time on the account, the initial starting capital of around $3,000 had increased to $5,000. A profit of around $2,000.

Note: it is likely that your broker will set a minimum amount that you can trade with. This is something you will need to check with them when you start trading. You will also find the more money you can trade with, the more assets you will be able to trade.

What return/profit can you expect?

The return will vary depending on how much time you have available to trade, the approach you choose to take with your trading (e.g. longer-term / shorter-term focus) and how good you become (which is mainly down to the effort you put in during your development phase). Therefore, we cannot give one overall return you are likely to make each month.

To give you an example, as mentioned in one of the other answers, we ran live public trading account. This was verified on Myfxbook and followed by thousands of people in real-time. We set certain restrictions to make the situation realistic for most people watching and to show what's possible for everyone. This included limited money (only around $3000 starting capital) and limited time (trading part-time and only for 6 months).

At the end of the 6 months, under these conditions, a profit of almost 70% was achieved, with a maximum drawdown (meaning, the most it ever went into loss with consecutive losing trades) of around 4%. That meant an average monthly return during that time of over 11% (with a range of 5-25%). This was quite standard performance under those conditions.

How does the money back guarantee work?

The money back guarantee is valid for 30 days after you join the course. Send us an email at contactduomo@duomoinitiative.com and let us know what the issue is and we will arrange a refund for you.

We know you are trusting us with your trading journey, so we want to give you our trust in return. We are happy to offer this 30-day money back guarantee as an honour system; we know you won't abuse this and will use it with honesty. If you genuinely feel the course provided you with no value, we will give you your money back.