And Recommended By NONE
Of The Usual Experts

That's right.

You won’t see so-called market experts lining up to give this their “tick of approval” or anything like that.

Nor will you ever see them dissect the rewarding trades that the hundreds who’ve learned this method make every day.

Most of these "experts" wouldn't even be familiar with this approach to trading.

They stick to what they know: conventional methods.

And to be fair, this isn't a conventional method or program.

It was never designed to be.

After all, you’ve heard how many traders lose money hand over fist, week after week. What sort of approaches do you think most of them use?

You might’ve even discovered firsthand that pulling reliable profits from uncertain markets doesn’t usually happen by following the crowd.

But what you'll find here isn't anything the "crowd" would know about, let alone use.

The "Little Things That Other Methods Miss... That Add Up To Big Trading Success

By now, you probably suspect this isn’t another “chart by numbers” system
or done-for-you service
that you run into online every day.

In fact, there’s a big failing that these run-of-the-mill courses
and services all share:

They don't give any freedom

I know, it seems like they do, until you look closer.
Flashy Lamborghinis or 5-star holidays in Dubai and Ibiza might show you the 'good life'...
but it doesn’t show you HOW to get those things (AKA freedom).
Anyone who’s followed me for a while knows glitz isn’t really my style (Full disclaimer: I once owned a Maserati in my “youth”, but have moved on since then).

If you do want those things, great. I’m not here to pass judgement on what you do with success in the markets, but to show you how to find it.
While I’m on the subject, I want to bring up another point.  In the markets, true freedom is made up
of smaller freedoms…
Freedom to think and act for yourself, rather than slavishly obey supposed experts
Freedom to make money in a way you know will work (and have proven yourself)
Freedom to trade when you want, how often you want, and in the way that suits you.
It’s these “little” freedoms that ultimately bring you financial freedom
and real independence in life.

But what’s also important is
where you find them.

For example, they’re mixed into my YouTube videos that almost 100,000 people
subscribe to watch and learn from. They’re stirred into the free course
thousands have taken to discover a better way to trade.

They’re ingredients in everything I do to help people like you successfully trade
using the approach I’ve used to create a financially free life.

And I want to share that approach with you.

The Duomo Method

A Predictable Way To Produce Profits In Unpredictable Markets
A 'method' is exactly what this is:
a way for you to generate some serious money from the markets, no matter which way they’re going.
If you want to supplement your income a little, this is for you.  If you’ve got the ambition to become financially free… The Duomo Method will work for you too.
But I want to be up-front with you: this is NOT a system you can pick up in a week or two and start down the path to “easy riches”.

It’s much, much more: a complete market theory on how to trade in a superior, little-known way, and all the practical aspects of using this for your own gain.

Now, I know “market theory” might sound intimidating (and boring), but it’s not what you’re actually learning. You’re diving into the practical, relevant parts to master a better way to trade. You won’t bog down in dry, dusty topics.

What’s more, I’ve refined the program over the years with feedback from hundreds of students, making the lessons easier to follow, get involved with, and learn what you have to.
And What Happens

When You Do Learn The Method?

You stop losing money unnecessarily and wondering what happened to your “100% certain winner”.
You’re able to dissect the markets and know exactly when (and more importantly, why) the right time to enter and exit is.
You learn what’s really possible (and what’s not) when you trade with a complete, well structured approach.
You build the skills and mindset that every trader has to develop to win in the markets.
you start making steady money from the markets,
instead of them slowly leeching you dry.

What You'll Find In The Duomo Method

16 Sections, 90 modules and 15+ hours of training:
Whether you’re an experienced trader or just starting, you’ll learn every nut and bolt of the Duomo Method and be 100% ready to use it once you’re finished.
Real life chart examples:
You’ll see how the Method is used in the real markets to make real profits (or avoid real losses), with charts that show how scenarios actually unfolded.
Interactive skill activities:
Theory underpins what you learn, but you’ll only develop your money-making skills with practice, which these activities help you do.
Instant, unlimited access:
Once you’ve joined, you’ve got instant, life-time access to the course materials that help you master the Duomo Method, so you can learn as quickly or as slowly as you like
Complete, exclusive system:
Unavailable anywhere else, you’ll learn directly from the investor and trading expert who built the system himself.
Updates and add-ons:
We’re always looking at the program to improve or grow it, and as a life member, you get access to every update or add-on.
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"I have been a huge advocate among everyone I know for The Duomo Initiative. Everything that they produce is always fantastically prepared. I would highly recommend their products."
James Jacques
Course Member

Why I'm Sharing The Duomo Method

There’s a question that comes up time and time again:
“if this system’s so good, why aren’t you keeping it to yourself?”
There’s a good answer to that. In fact, there are four good answers…


I’m tired of disingenuous “learn to trade” companies who are happy to charge the earth, only to teach you ideas you could find with a 5-second Google search… plus, they’re ideas that usually don’t even work.


I want to give folk who don’t normally get these opportunities to learn skills that give them more choices in life, even if expensive Swiss lawyers don’t understand this (see my story below).


Since the Duomo Method isn’t a rigid, “one size fits all” system, traders use it in different ways. This means there’s no risk that an identical approach will flood the market… so I’m happy to share.


And one reason that might sound a little arrogant: I wanted to share discoveries I don't think anyone else has worked out. It's satisfying seeing people turn their trading round using a method I uncovered, and there's a tiny bit of "ego" in knowing that.
Creating Your Own

Trading Success Story

The Duomo Method covers everything you need to trade the markets profitably and create your
own financial success story.

This means all the principles, practice and… well, method of the Method.
I don’t want you to just “follow along”; it’s not that kind of approach. In fact, the Duomo Method is designed to help you build YOUR trading system.
When you’ve got a system that you’ve deliberately put together, you know exactly WHAT you’re doing with a trade, HOW you’re going to manage things, and WHY you’re getting into or out of it.
This understanding is the #1 difference between fumbling in the markets, never sure why one trade worked and another bombed... and consistently trading your way to serious financial success
Here’s how your journey to expert trader unfolds:
Module 1: Introduction
A warm welcome, a quick introduction, and an overview of everything you’ll cover in your trading education.
Module 2: Preparing Yourself for Trading
Before you dive into this unique approach to trading, it’s important to prepare in the right way. That’s what you’ll do here.
Module 3: Intro to the Markets
Understanding what makes markets tick is necessary to being able to move with them, so this foundational module gives you an overview of the essentials.
Module 4: Intro to the Charts
Reading a chart is more than just following a trend line or candlestick. You’ll get a better grasp on charts and the concepts
behind them. Plus… you’ll make your first trade here!
Module 5: Intro to the Duomo Method
Too many think of trading like a game. With your first in-depth look into the Duomo Method, you’ll discover how to treat trading with the precision and care it deserves.
Module 6: Risk and Money Management
Billionaire traders like Paul Tudor Jones made fortunes by focusing
on NOT losing money. Managing your risk and your funds is a vital
skill, and one you’ll spend some time developing.
Module 7: Significant Levels
OK, this is where you dig into analysis. You’ll learn the correct way to spot significant levels that put you in the prime position to enter a trade without resorting to gambler’s risks.
Module 8: Trend Lines
You’ll dive into learning how to draw and trade trend lines in the
most effective way possible (yes, our way). Plus, a variation of trend lines nobody else knows that you can use as an edge.
Module 9: Introduction to Advanced Techniques
This section is dedicated to more sophisticated tools exclusive to
the Duomo Method… and you’ll learn each and every one of them
Module 10: Intro to Indicators
Now you can do manual analysis, it’s time for indicators. With
Duomo, these only play a supporting rule, but are useful for
removing “noise” and confirming your thoughts on a trade.
Module 11: Micro Strategy/ Price Action
You’ve built up an incredible kit of tools to pinpoint your trades, and
this is the last piece of the puzzle. Finish your analysis with a single
point that says if this is the perfect time to get in or out.
Module 12: Building Your Customized Trading System
That’s right. You’re going to create your own unique system to
trade the markets with, shaped by everything you’ve learned from
the Duomo Method so far.
Module 13: Psychology and Mindset
Your toolkit’s useless without the mindset to use it in the right way.
And the mindset and psychology of a winning trader is exactly what
you learn here.
Module 14: Optimising Your Trading Performance
Want to know what the secret to successful trading is… beyond the
systems, tools and mindset? You’ll discover it here.
Module 15:
Optimising Your Trading System
You understand the Method, have your own system, and know the
mindset behind superior trading. What happens now? This is how
you’ll grow and improve as a trader.
Module 16:
Next Steps in Success
You’ve now got all the tools you need to tackle the markets with
confidence… so where do you go from here?
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Going Public:

A Live Trading Challenge

Back in 2017, I wanted to show people who followed me that the Duomo Method was an undeniably effective way to make money in the markets.

Rather than showing off expensive cars or living the high life (not that either of those could be called proof), I thought the best way to do this was actually trade the method in live market conditions.

To make it more realistic, there were a few constraints:
I began with an amount that was realistic for many traders. In this case, it was a single deposit of 3,000 Swiss Frances (equivalent to about 3,000 US dollars at the time) that was my “seed”.
I wasn’t going to trade full-time, since most people don’t have that luxury either. Plus, I couldn’t spend years with long-term plays; I had to make money within 6 months.
With those boundaries in place, the challenge was set and I began mid-2017. Over 1,000 people scrutinised my every trading move, which wasn’t exactly ideal trading conditions from a mindset point of view.
But the end results?

Well, see for yourself...

I netted a 68.24% profit in just 6 months
This was averaged out to a monthly profit of 11.23%
I only suffered a maximum drawdown of 4%
All from a reasonably small base and
trading only a few hours every week.

The Man Behind the Method

“How did you come up with the Duomo Method?”
I hear that a lot. The short answer is "with a lot of study, work, and money lost to the markets".

But in case you’re interested, here’s the long answer....

I was lucky enough to find trading almost 20 years ago.

Like most novice traders, I jumped from system to system, losing thousands of pounds but slowly putting the pieces together for my own approach to trading the markets.

And while I went to uni, graduated and started to climb the corporate ladder in private banking and wealth management, I never stopped trading. I still poured my own money into the markets, perfecting my methods outside work. It was more than a hobby; it was an obsession.
But it was a profitable obsession. In fact, after a couple of years, I was making more from my trading than my hefty salary.
In 2012, everything changed.

I met my business partner who’d helped transform dozens of banks and financial institutes for well over a decade. Once he realised the potential of what I was doing, he invested heavily with the aim of starting our own business together.

The next step was to find outside investors. We wanted to set up a fund for less wealthy folk, but because we wanted to do that a certain way, had to tackle ridiculous regulatory requirements (which ironically enough were even tougher than for a typical fund catering to socalled "sophisticated" investors). That's how we found ourselves in the offices of an expensive Swiss law firm, pitching our idea to let ordinary people have the same investment opportunities as the rich.

We were laughed out of the office.
They didn't understand why we weren't just creating another fund for high-flyers. But although they didn’t share our vision, we were determined to make profitable investing and trading more accessible.

A while later, we were developing the automated, algorithmic system based on my method. We needed help with the automation, so collaborated with a former high-flying banking colleague of mine who happened to be a qualified physicist too.

He not only helped us; he also pinpointed the theoretical basis that made my trading so successful.
This theory was documented in a scientific paper... but we didn't want to go the academic route. I was excited to share our findings with as many people as I could.
So, I started writing a book to explain the theory in simpler terms and began creating videos for my LinkedIn network to outline the approach. A year later, those videos moved onto YouTube and rapidly grew a large audience.

YouTube was a blessing, as hundreds of people peppered me with questions, wanting to know more about the Duomo Method. These helped to refine the ideas, which we used to create structured lessons from.
Today, the Method helps hundreds of keen traders build their own unique approach to financial freedom through the markets.

I hope you'll join them.
Join the Duomo Method
My Commitment To You:

30 Days, 100% Risk-Free

Before you decide to join the Duomo Method, I’d like to make an agreement with you.

Invest, then commit yourself to this course for 30 days. Give it 100% of your effort and focus. Watch the videos. Take notes. Replay them. And of course, do the exercises!

If you do this, and by the 30th day aren’t convinced the Duomo Method will give you the skills to trade profitably, simply ask for a refund. You’ll get every penny back.

What Our Members Say

Absolutely Great

In my humble opinion, the course is absolutely great. The video modules that you get are really well made and in very high quality. The combination of video modules and chart modules deepens your understanding of the subject immensely. If you have any questions the team always responds in a very short period of time, enabling you to learn in the fastest possible way.

Simon Fankhauser

Course Member (review via TrustPilot)

Perfect for new traders

I have some experience in the markets, but, after purchasing the education, I have a very different outlook on trading and how the market works, learning in a step by step program. set out perfectly, everything was covered.

Joshua Morris

Course Member (review via TrustPilot)

A No-Nonsense Trading Course for Serious Entrepreneurs

The Duomo Method is BY FAR THE trading method to learn if you want to take trading as a profession/business - and I should know, I've taken quite literally a dozen "trading courses" before bumping onto Duomo Initiative! :-)

Philbert Ranji

Course Member (review via TrustPilot)

Fantastically motivational learning tools

I have been a huge advocate among everyone I know for the Duomo Initiative. Everything that they produce is always fantastically prepared. I would highly recommend their products. The Duomo Initiative provide fantastically motivational learning tools that really do inspire you to learn more and more about the subjects that they cover!

James Jacques

Course Member (review via TrustPilot)

Very reasonably priced and very definitely worth it

As was mentioned before, it actually feels like a school. Things are gone over in different ways so that those with different learning styles have a chance to have those Aha! moments. While you are in the course, and especially after, having access to the community and especially to Nicholas and his team is equally as valuable as the course itself.

Dean Van Vlack

Course Member (review via TrustPilot)

Hands down the best source of financial/trading education

Everyone on the forum is great and very helpful. If you’re new to trading then this approach to learning is fantastic and will help you understand the many aspects of the trading world. If you are already trading then this will set fact from fiction and get you onto the right path.

James Booth

Course Member (review via Facebook)

Educational Pioneers! Updating traditional education!

I have taken their flagship course which is learning to trade using their own method, The Duomo Method and also their course on the Euro. The way the courses are laid out are succinct and to the point which on a personal note I love, I hate waffle! The points are clear and well explained but require practice to master.

Christopher Portway

Course Member (review via TrustPilot)

Duomo Premium

Your Shortcut To Success

What you get in the Duomo Method is everything you need to generate consistent profits in the markets.

But if you want to speed up your journey to start making money, you have the chance with our Premium Membership.

Join this exclusive community for a low monthly cost, and you’ll get extra support and mentoring so you learn faster.

You’ll see firsthand how others have used the Method on their road to trading success. You’ll also get access to new content, practice exercises and monthly webinars that help you apply your new approach to the markets more profitably.

You can stay a member for as long as you want and can cancel at any time.

All you have to do to join is choose the 'membership' option on the order page.

Discuss The Market With Fellow Experts

One of the best ways to learn “hands on” is by discussing what’s happening with fellow traders. With access to our online forums, that’s exactly what you’ll do: talk trade moves

Get Monthly Breakthroughs

Power past sticking points, watch live trading analysis, get new insights, and ask tricky questions on monthly live webinars with Nicholas and the team.

Practice Makes

Gain access to hundreds of deliberate practice activities to fast track your skills and prepare for the  markets faster.

Break Down
The Markets

Exclusive videos where Nicholas walks through his own trades, giving you a deeper look into his personal trading processes.

All The Knowledge
You Want

For those relentless in their study, a knowledge hub of hundreds of searchable questions and weekly chart analysis awaits.
Why I Told People

Why I Told People NOT To Join The Duomo Method

There’s no one single program, course or education that’s going to suit everyone, least of all the Duomo Method.
That might be the case with you here. No hard feelings. I’ve replied to more than one email asking if this was right for them, and sometimes the answer is… no, it isn’t.

If you can’t afford to invest in this course at the moment, keep Duomo in mind… but don’t join right now.

(In the meantime, there’s hours of video on the YouTube channel, and you can take the free course to get the fundamentals of the Method. It’s only a small fraction of what you’ll learn here in the complete program, but once you’re able to join, you’ll have a solid grasp of the basics.)

If you can’t spare a few hours every week, this program probably won’t do much for you. 

(Of course,you don’t always have to spend 10-15 hours every week. Sometimes, even 2-3 hours in the odd week can be enough to keep learning and improving.)

And, if you want to be spoon fed a system that does the work for you, this is DEFINITELY not the place you’ll find it.
On the Other Hand,

The Method Might Be Perfect For You If...

You’ve got the determination to successfully navigate the markets, and aren’t afraid to spend the time and effort to learn how
You’re fascinated with understanding the “why” behind market moves, and want to know what makes one chart jump and another sink
You want freedom — not just financial freedom, but the freedom to discover what works for your trading, instead of rigidly following someone else’s “black box” approach
Join the Duomo Method

The Decision Is Entirely Yours

What you get from the Duomo Method won’t be dictated by the money you spend today.
It’s about the time you’ll use, plus the energy and effort you’ll burn in hours of study, practice and review.

But in my admittedly biased opinion, it’s the best chance you have to not just survive in these fickle markets, but thrive.

Now, I know this isn’t the cheapest trading education you’ll find. In fact, there are dozens of courses you could snap up for less than 100 quid, complete with slick marketing and big, unrealistic promises.

There are vastly more expensive programs too. They’ll offer to give you the moon, and perhaps some can… if you’re ready to part with 10,000 odd dollars. You’re the only one who can make the call on what best suits your situation.

But, if you’re like most of the hundreds who’ve mastered the Duomo Method, you’ll be able to...

Know what’s happening when markets move in either direction and make lucrative moves for yourself
Build your own trading system (or systems) and understand how to improve it as you become more experienced
Have the skills to create your own financial success in the markets, and find the freedom to do what you want
When you join the Duomo Method, you get everything you need to make all of those a reality.
Choose Your Plan
Over 15  hours of training that covers every part of the Method
Level 1:
Level 2:
1. Full Course: Learn to Trade the Duomo Method
Over 15 hours of training that covers every part of the Method
Chart examples of real-life market situations to walk you through trading scenarios
Activities and exercises to deepen your understanding and accelerate your improvement
Instant, unlimited access to the entire program so you can learn at your own pace.
A complete, exclusive system built by an expert who’s been trading for almost 20 years
Access to all future updates and add-ons made to The Duomo Method as it continually evolves
A 30-day, 100% money back guarantee if you think the Method isn’t right for you
2. Membership
Access to our community app (available on iOS, Android and web) to get access to member features
Live chat and discussion boards to talk trading with fellow members and our team
Webinars and live streaming to watch Nicholas analysing, discussing and trading the markets, while answering your questions
Hundreds of 'deliberate practice' activities to keep refining and building on your new trading skills
Exclusive videos of Nicholas breaking down his own trades and the thinking behind them
A knowledge hub with hundreds of Q&A, and weekly chart analysis videos for you to “deep dive” into

Ready To Get Started?

or 3 payments of £297
or 3 payments of £297
+ £47 monthly membership
You’ve now seen and read everything The Duomo Method offers you. At this point, the decision is entirely yours, which is basically two options:
Keep trying system after system, searching for the “silver bullet” that gives you big profits for little work
Learn the underlying principles on which successful trading systems rely on and give yourself the tools to make it in the markets
I hope to see you in the program!
Join the Duomo Method
"Having been involved with the Duomo Method for a while now, the reason I like it a lot is that it actually explains a lot of the market movements... this method finds the exact candle a reversal is predicted to happen for sniper like accuracy."
Christopher Portway
Course Member