There’s A Reason Most Traders Never Get Anywhere...

It’s not because they piece together a system: that’s a necessary and important part of becoming a trader.

And it’s not because they jump from guru to guru or method to method (though that often doesn’t help).

The reason their account flatlines while their frustration skyrockets is because they never find an approach they trust. They search for the “perfect” technique or tool, but just end up adding another useless cog to a system that’s barely running.

Others can't wait to get started. And while their enthusiasm is great, they shortcut vital learning and dive head-first into the markets... and take a nasty beating that sets them back or scares them away for good.

It’s time to change this.

“Hands down the best source of financial/trading education on the net. If you’re new to trading then this approach to learning is fantastic and will help you understand the many aspects of the trading world. If you are already trading then this will set fact from fiction and get you onto the right path.”
James Booth
“Completely revolutionised my trading and education! I'd go so far as to say every trader has to at least try the Duomo method out once while learning the skill of trading.”
Justin Jansen Van Vuuren
“If you're looking for methods and trading knowledge that you can use to build your OWN trading strategies (yes, plural, strategies! 🙂), that you want to personalise on your strengths and experience, then this might just set you up on the road to financial freedom.”
Philbert Ranji

The Duomo Method:
An Approach You Can Trust

The Duomo Method isn’t an “add on” or something to tack onto your trading style. It’s a complete approach based on what really moves the markets.

This strong foundation sets it apart from other trading methods, like vague principles or flashy software. When you go deeper into the markets, you understand them better and know how to make more of your trades winning ones.

Learn the Method, and you’re ready for the market.


Kickstart Your
Trading Journey

Whether you’re new to the markets or a seasoned veteran, the Duomo Method gives you a rock-solid approach that hundreds of traders use with thriving results.

Get Trading Tactics
to Use Instantly

While the "secret" to the Duomo Method's success is built on principles of market theory, there are plenty of practical tactics you can apply to your trading almost straight away.

Gain Confidence
in the Markets

Dispel doubt and uncertainty on how to make money in even the toughest markets. The Duomo Method walks you through a systematic approach you can count on time and time again.

About Your Instructor

An Edge Two Decades in the Making

Here’s how your instructor, Nicholas, found an advantage that would set him apart in the markets...

Around 20 years ago, I stumbled across trading.

At first, I was like everyone else, cobbling tools and techniques together to get the right money-making combination. It was like solving a Rubik's cube  : I felt I was always just a couple of "twists" from cracking the code.

This went on for over a decade. I was obsessed with the markets and studied them endlessly, losing thousands of pounds in the process. Eventually, I discovered the theory that showed how markets and prices behave. With this edge, everything changed: my trading results soared, and I could see how things would likely play out with almost every trade.

Today, I’m an active trader who still loves plunging into the markets. But I also help people like you learn the Method, so you can take advantage of this incredible trading approach for yourself.


Six Steps To Become A Confident, “In The Know” Trader

Step 1: Understand the 3-Phase Learning Plan

The first thing you need to become that confident, consistently profitable trader is a plan. The 3-phase plan discussed in this course gives you that, and is where all our “Duomo traders” launched their journey towards mastering the markets.

Step 2: Elements of the Duomo Market Theory

Take a peek under the hood of the Duomo Method to see what’s driving it. When you understand how all the parts fit together, you’re more confident in what you’re applying… and your trading jumps up a notch as a result.

Step 3: Understanding Market Structure

A lot of “experts” focus on tools or tips. But if you don’t know the context of a situation, those tools won’t help you an inch. Here, you’ll discover how to read the structure of the markets so you know what the situation needs, and how to respond to take maximum advantage.

Step 4: How to use Significant Levels

Significant levels are price points where the action happens. When you know how they work and can pinpoint them on a chart (not to mention trade them), you hold a huge advantage over “reactive” traders labouring in the market.

Step 5: Managing Your Risk Levels

Everyone’s heard the #1 rule of stocks: don’t lose money. That’s pretty much impossible to do, but you don’t have to lose money unnecessarily. Here’s where you find out how the Method protects your downside and limits the bleeding if things take a wrong turn, without strangling the opportunities that turn up.

Step 6: Putting it all Together

It’s time to pull everything together. You’re ready to practice reading the markets and predicting price movements. Use what you’ve learned to build confidence, then start to apply risk calculations and picture how you’d trade the market moves you spot.

Commit to better trading...
And a P&L that moves in the right direction

If the Duomo Method has sparked your interest, click the button below and find out more. It’s completely free, you go at your own pace, and what you’ll learn may change how you see the markets for good. More importantly, make the commitment to explore what better trading will do not just for your bottom line, but for your life.

The first step to take your trading to where you never imagined.