The Duomo Method Alumni Quotes

See what some of our past and current Duomo Method members have to say about the course and the community.

"The Duomo Initiative goes beyond simply being a trading course, if approached the right way then it is a road map to excellence."
- Iry

"If you want to learn to trade, legitimately, and are willing to put in the work, then what is offered by Nicholas, The Duomo Team and the wider Duomo community is nothing shy of top level performance."
- Aidan

"This course has been extremely detailed and easy to follow. anyone who's on the fence about taking this course who seriously wants to learn. I highly recommend you do."
- Christian Davis

"The best course to learn how trade forex. Nicholas teach you everything that you need to know it doesn't matter if you don't know anything about the financial markets this course teach you the most important things from the most basic concepts to the most advance techniques in a simple and easy way to learn."
- Oscar Sánchez

"Nicholas Puri is the real deal. The course he's put together and the supporting content and community are amazing."
- Matthew Wagerfield

"I have thoroughly enjoyed the Duomo Initiative course... After having completed numerous FOREX trading courses over the years, The Duomo Initiative was the best by far!! The training was logical, well organized, in depth, and easy to understand."
- Donnie Clark

"This training totally makes sense, everything they teach you is well thought out and based on logic. The course is mainly built of videos which are clear to understand and easy to follow even if English is not your primary language."
- Ben

"The course, supporting materials and forums provide a solid framework to build a successful trading strategy if you are prepared to do the work. My experience with the training videos in the course is that they are multi layered and for me each time I review them more hidden gems of knowledge surface."
- Mark

"I have some experience in the markets, but, after purchasing the education, I have a very different outlook on trading and how the market works, learning in a step by step program. set out perfectly, everything was covered."
- Joshua Morris

"I have been a huge advocate among everyone I know for the Duomo Initiative. Everything that they produce is always fantastically prepared and takes even those who have no experience in the finance industry whatsoever into consideration. I would highly recommend their products. The Duomo Initiative provide fantastically motivational learning tools that really do inspire you to learn more and more about the subjects that they cover!"
- James Jacques

"In regards to the trading course the course itself is great but the real value comes in the form of the feedback, we have an active forum where there is always valuable feedback...Having been involved with the Duomo Method for a while now, the reason I like it a lot is that it actually explains a lot of the market movements where a lot of other methods don't seem to."
- Christopher Portway

"I can’t recommend the Duomo enough. You can really see the effort and design within their teaching methods, it’s delivered perfectly for me. What ever your interests are - trading, investing or just have a curiosity in the financial markets then there’s something for everyone. With a lot, a little or no previous experience then this is for you."
- Adam