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Learning to Invest

Great investment decisions are a result of solid investing know-how.
Here are some courses and resources to help you build your knowledge.

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Company Analysis Courses

Equities (stocks and shares) are one of the most popular asset classes. To invest wisely in these assets, it’s a good idea to understand how to perform company analysis. A big part of this involves breaking down a company’s financial statements. You can learn this skill in the following courses:

Company Analysis Service (Coming Soon)

This service will help you understand how you can break down a company’s financial statements to make investing decisions. It will feature a selection of companies which are analysed on a regular basis (following quarterly and annual results), which means you can start to understand what each line means in the financial statement and how you can perform financial analysis for yourself. Coming soon in 2018.

Portfolio Management Courses (Coming Soon)

Building an investment portfolio involves more than just picking a selection of assets that you like. By choosing the right selection of assets, you can reduce your overall risk and enhance your potential return. To do this effectively, it helps to understand the concepts involved in portfolio management.

Economics Courses

Asset prices are very much influenced by economic activity. By keeping your finger on the economic pulse, you’ll be better positioned to make great investment decisions, either by taking advantage of opportunities or protecting yourself from potential risks. However, the first step is to actually understand how this all works.


The Euro: the History, Issues and Solutions

Content by Alfred Mifsud, former Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of Malta. Presented by Nicholas Puri. You'll take a practical look at monetary policy, fiscal policy and politics, by taking a deep-dive into the issues and potential solutions for the European Union's Economic and Monetary Union. A great case study for economics students, investors and business operators.

We find great financial content each week to save you searching for it!