Learn. Trade. Earn.

Navigate the markets like a professional... even if you've never traded before

You can learn the science of trading, using exact same tools and concepts as the consistently profitable traders at PuriCassar AG.

This course explains how the professionals do it and how you can too.

You’ll Learn:

Exclusive and prolific techniques for analysing the markets, so you can consistently pin-point trade entries as accurately as a sniper, without any trace of self-doubt.

Easy-to-follow methods of controlling your risk and managing your money, so you can stay in full control of your account balance and never fall into the uncertain path of gambling.

How to profit from your full potential by developing the focused psychological strengths of a successful market operator - using simple-to-implement concepts to control your emotions and enhance your trading mindset.

Methods of increasing your effectiveness and earning ability through continuous step-by-step optimisation of your customised trading system and own performance. Ensuring you will get even better and more profitable over time.

"Quite simply the best and most definitive online course you will find out there."

John Matchett, Belfast


What our customers say:

“It’s easy to tell they're passionate about their course; they believe in their course and, above all, they are entirely dedicated to making it work for you... This is THE trading course." 

John, Belfast

"It's much more than a practical trading course. It is a unique trading approach based on a holistic understanding of both hard facts (tools) and soft skills (psychology)."

Mathias, Germany

"The Duomo Initiative has broken the mould by actually providing a course that concentrates on the 'practicalities' of trading and not pure 'theory'."

Ian, Australia

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What's in the course?

The reason this proven approach to trading is so effective, is because it's all based on one underlying theory, which we exclusively developed in-house at PuriCassar AG. 

This 'first principles' foundation means every single part of this course is elegantly interrelated and interdependent, leading to a dependable, consistent and logical system. Something you won't achieve through a scatter-gun approach anywhere else online.

Shape a system that is individually customised to suit YOU, by uncovering and breaking down the way you like to work, the lifestyle you want to live and your unique strengths.

Understand what really makes the markets tick and exactly how you can profit from it; including how universal laws and human nature come together to build some powerful techniques.

You can go from opening your first trade, to becoming a consistently profitable trader, without breaking a sweat. Learning increasingly complex concepts in a simple step-by-step method.

You'll learn how to protect your money using our easy-to-follow risk calculations, even if you're not a natural mathematician. Meaning you can trade safely knowing that you won't lose money unnecessarily.

You'll be ready to confidently open precise trades in ALL market conditions. I'll share a range of techniques for accurate market analysis, including exclusive tools and concepts not available elsewhere.

We'll ensure this is the ONLY course you'll ever need, by teaching you how to engage in optimisation for continuous improvement. As well as adopting the psychological skills and mindset hacks of a successful trader.

Nicholas Puri

Director and Co-Founder of PuriCassar AG and The Duomo Initiative

About Nicholas Puri

Thousands of people around the world read and watch his material to learn how to start consistently making money in the markets. 

During his 10+ years of trading, he's developed a method that takes a different approach to most other traders.

Nicholas began his career working in Banking in London. This included working as part of a team dealing with the assets and investment advice of high-profile celebrities.

In 2012, he co-founded the asset management company PuriCassar AG with Dr. Alexander Cassar in Zurich, Switzerland; a city synonymous with safe and secure investment management.

The team at PuriCassar AG developed a new approach to trading and a new market model.

Nicholas has successfully traded most major markets throughout the years; safely navigating through a multitude of ever-changing economic and market conditions. 

However, his approach to trading has always been underpinned by the tools and concepts taught in The Duomo Method.

His success in trading has allowed Nicholas to travel the world, including living in four different countries.

Nicholas has been featured in...

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this course for? 

Clients can join us with any skill level prior to the course (absolute beginner, some experience in the market or seasoned trader) and by the end of the course, virtually all traders are able to profitably place trades in the market, without any assistance. 

If you want to approach trading like running a business and are willing to put in the necessary time and dedication throughout the entire process - this course is for you. 

Who is this course NOT for? 

If you're looking for a pre-built manual or automated trading strategy. One where you just hit the 'ON' button and it will do all the work for you - this course is not for you. 

Likewise, if you aren't willing to commit to your trading, this course isn't for you. We only welcome traders who are willing to do what it takes to learn the method and become profitable. Not traders who are looking for an easy way to 'get rich, quick' (which never works). 

How long does it take to complete the course? 

There are around 15 hours of video lessons, supporting text modules and activities throughout the course, which you will receive lifetime access to; 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This means you can go through the course at your own pace. 

Everyone learns and absorbs information at a different speed. However, we recommend a minimum of 1 month to go through the content thoroughly and participate in all the activities.

How does the 30 day money back guarantee work? 

If you complete the course and don't think the concepts and tools you have learnt have benefitted your trading - you just have to explain that to us and we will issue you with a full refund of the course price. It's as simple as that! 

What support do I get with the course? 

When you sign up for the course, you'll be invited to a 15 minute on-boarding call. We'll use this time to understand more about your trading experience and future goals - this will then help us to direct your learning appropriately and walk you through the course. 

Each module of the course has its own comment section. You can ask any questions to be answered by the Duomo team, as well as interacting with other members of the course so you can learn as a community. 

In addition to this, we welcome any questions via email. As a member of the course, your questions will be answered by Nicholas and his team in less than 72 hours. 

What if I have more questions about the course? 

Our team are on-hand to answer any queries you may have and to assist you if you need any help completing the sign-up process. 

Get in touch by emailing: contactduomo@duomoinitiative.com 

Alternatively, we can be contacted via Facebook or Twitter.

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