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Trading isn't just a battle with the markets, it's a deeper struggle within.

You've heard it countless times: "Trading is 80% psychological." So, why do so many traders still find themselves experiencing mental chaos and struggling to follow their system? It's because the usual advice only scratches the surface of what's really going on.

What's really affecting your trading?

... Struggling to stick to your system?
... Over-trading?
... Revenge trading and gambling?
... Risking too much or not enough?
... Hesitating to enter or exit trades?
... Letting losses run or closing profits too early?
... Doubting your analysis or decisions?

These problems can feel impossible to overcome, even after following all the usual trading psychology solutions.

The reason might surprise you: It's because, these things are not actually the problems, they're just the symptoms.

And just like any symptoms, the way to truly fix them is to go deeper. You have to understand what's really going on and deal with the root cause.

This is where most trading psychology training misses the mark.

Everyone focuses on surface-level issues

Most trading psychology advice focuses on the surface-level issues: Be more patient. Have more self-discipline. Control your fear and greed. It’s just received wisdom passed from one trader to another, without ever going deeper.

This approach leads to a frustrating game of whack-a-mole, where solving one problem just leads to another one emerging...

...You stop entering too early, but now you hesitate to enter.
...You stop hesitating to enter, but now close profits too early.
...You start letting profits run, but revenge trade when they reverse and become a loss.

The cycle of uncertainty, anxiety, and self-doubt continues. You're left feeling like you're always one step behind.

It's time to go deeper

It's time to take a different route. One that’s grounded in science, gives you a deep understanding of what’s going on, and provides you with proven practical solutions instead of unfounded opinions.

Imagine how your trading performance would change...

‍.you could effortlessly execute your trading plan without the chaos of mental warfare.

... If your trading decisions were done with clarity, and the actions you took felt calm and deliberate.

... If you had a step-by-step approach to effortlessly get into a flow state and achieve your full potential every trading session.

... If trading emotions were no longer your enemy, but were a helpful data point providing rich, useful information.

What would that mean for your mental well-being?

What would it mean for your account balance?

Market Mindset Mastery

Market Mindset Mastery

A one-of-a-kind, comprehensive trading psychology program using evidence-based research from the fields of neuroscience, psychology, behavioural economics, and neuroeconomics. Go beyond the surface-level and develop a high-performance mind.

Integrated model of your trading brain

Understand the various processes and responses taking place in your brain and body when you trade, and how they relate to one another.

Develop a high performance mindset

Learn the practical steps for achieving optimal mental performance, and the sequence for reaching a flow state.

Prevent and overcome psychological issues

Gain practical steps for dealing with existing trading psychology issues of varying degrees and avoiding future problems.

Achieve accelerated skill development

Find out what brain research tells us about skill development and how you can shorten your trading learning curve.

Meet Your Instructor

Hi, I’m Nicholas Puri

I started learning about trading over 20 years ago, and by 2012 I achieved enough success in the markets to leave my career in banking to focus on my trading full-time.

Since 2016 I’ve taught and mentored thousands of traders around the world. You may have seen me on YouTube, where our channel, The Duomo Initiative, has over 180,000 subscribers. We often receive praise from our viewers about our trading psychology lessons which explain topics not covered anywhere else.

This is because I made it my mission to truly understand what goes on in our brains as traders. I’ve spent years diving into research literature from fields such as neuroscience, psychology, and neuroeconomics, to form a complete understanding of the processes taking place within our minds.

This research, along with my experience in the markets and working with thousands of traders, has given me deep insights into trading psychology and how to truly overcome the mental issues each trader faces.


Here's What You'll Get

Market Mindset Mastery features over 20 hours of detailed video lessons explaining the scientific, theoretical, and practical aspects of trading psychology. These are all the mindset-related sections of our flagship training, The Duomo Trader Development Program.

The program is broken down into sections which are individual courses covering a specific aspect of trading psychology. These are released to you in a progressive way to ensure you build deep knowledge and understanding of your trading mind in the correct sequence.

The Basics of Trading Psychology

You'll learn the core psychological issues that traders face, and how we can overcome or deal with them. By the end of this section, you'll know actions you can start taking to prepare yourself, before we cover the more advanced psychology sections.

Introduction to the Neuroscience of Trading

We'll go through an introduction of the neurobiological systems at play which affect our behaviour, emotions, moods and actions in the markets. This is often happening as an automatic response to market situations and can impact our performance.

Understanding Why Trading Is Psychologically Difficult

There are unique aspects of trading that make it more psychologically challenging than other skills. We discuss why, and ways to counteract them.

The Neuroscience of Emotions in Trading

Learn the neuroscience and psychology of emotions in trading. Most traders are instructed to remove emotions from their trading - this is wrong! You'll learn why emotions are critical for decision-making and can be a trading advantage.

Understanding Your Brain on Uncertainty

Uncertainty is one of the most important topics in trading. It impacts every aspect of what we do, and has the potential to derail our performance. In this section, you'll understand what uncertainty is, how it affects you and how to deal with it.

Probabilistic Thinking and Bayesian Cognition

Being a great trader involves being able to think in terms of probabilities and make well-calibrated probabilistic forecasts in the markets. The first step is to go through probabilistic training, which is what you'll be doing in this section.

Cognitive Biases Masterclass

When we're dealing with risk and uncertainty (particularly when money is involved) our brains can default to particular cognitive biases and heuristics. Although these can be helpful at times, they can also lead to systematic errors.

The Neuroscience of Market Information

Learn how your brain processes and reacts to info so you can use your full mental capabilities in the markets. You'll understand the neurological processes that take place, why we get addicted to market information, and how this affects your trading.

Advanced Trading Emotions Development

To use your emotions as a trading advantage, first you have to be able to identify your emotions, and understand what they are and what's causing them. In this section, you'll learn how to develop your emotional awareness to an advanced level.

Achieving Good Decision-Making in Chaotic Situations

We often encounter chaotic situations in the markets. You'll learn what causes bad decision-making and mistakes in those situations, and what techniques you can use to avoid those, leading to calmer and more effective thinking.

Treatment and Therapy for Trading Psychology Issues

In the markets we experience emotionally-intense situation. These can create conditioned responses that cause us to take automatic actions in response to certain stimuli. Behavioural therapy works on a non-conscious level to help overcome these.

Understanding Gambling Tendencies in the Markets

We'll dive into the history, psychology, and neuroscience of our gambling tendencies to learn why it happens to traders. We'll then go through practical steps to follow to reduce your gambling instincts in the markets.

Evidence-Based Self-Talk Toolkit

It's natural for us to spend a lot of our awake time engaging in internal talk. But negative inner talk can be damaging to our trading performance and general well-being in many ways. We'll go through an evidence-based toolkit to help you overcome it.

Your Five Intrinsic Drivers and the Sequence for High Performance

Understand the five intrinsic drivers that form the sequence to achieving high performance, and how we can stack them to our advantage.

An Evidence-Based Approach to Goal-Setting

Learn an evidence-based method to goal-setting that is more practical, motivational, and increases your chance of achieving your goals.

How to Learn Effectively (Developing High Performance)

You'll learn the science of skill development and understand a framework for learning in the most effective way to achieve high performance.

Developing Grit for Long-Term Success

We'll discuss the trait that all high performers have - Grit. You'll learn what it is and specific ways you can develop your Grit levels in many areas.

Achieving Flow in Your Learning and Trading

You'll learn the science behind flow, how it happens, how it can improve your trading, and what you can do to experience it more often. This follows on from previous sections on achieving high performance.

A Scientific Approach to Setting Your Trading Schedule

Understand how to set a schedule for your trading that allows you to perform at your very best. This includes things you can do to stay mentally sharp and maintain the right level of focus.

How Our Brains Process and React to Losses and Failures

As you start achieving success with your trading or trade with real money, losses and losing streaks can have a different impact on you to when you're learning. We look at the science behind those complexities and go through practical steps.

How Our Brains Process and React to Profits and Successes

At this point, it's likely you've started experiencing large profitable trades and profit streaks. This can create another complex mental challenge from a psychological and neurological point of view. You'll learn how to deal with that here.

Daily Practices for a More Effective Trading Brain

It doesn't matter how great your system and strategies are, your brain is still your most important tool in the markets. We'll go through simple daily practices you can adopt to improve your mental functioning so your brain can perform at its best.

Optimising Your Performance as a Trader

We'll focus on ways to optimise your individual performance as a trader. We'll look at ways to optimise your work environment, your level of focus, and better manage your time. This will help you execute your trading at a higher level of performance.

Optimising Your Health and Well-Being as a Trader

We'll cover the essential health and well-being foundations you need to fix to perform at your very best. These lead to a much greater improvement in cognitive ability and trading performance than almost any other area of your trading.

Plus These Bonuses...

In addition to the core video lessons, you’ll also receive these helpful bonuses to support your journey to achieving the mindset of a high-performance trader:

Trading is an activity with unique mental and physiological challenges, and meditation is a great tool for dealing with those. There are loads of guided meditation sessions online for sleep, stress, relaxation - but not specifically for trading. We created a series of specially produced meditation tracks for traders, focused on a range of different situations. You can use these before, during and after your sessions, and even when you're going to bed.

The more focused you are during your trading session, the better you'll perform. We researched what studies have found to be the best music and sounds to have playing during your trading session, and put together playlists based on that. The playlists are specific durations, so you can also use them instead of a pomodoro timer.

If you decide to enroll in the full Duomo Trader Development Program, we will give you a special discount for being a member of Market Mindset Mastery.

We're constantly adding new resources and additional information to improve the experience for our members. As a member of Market Mindset Mastery, you'll get all these updates and enhancements at no extra cost.

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Frequently asked questions

Here are some of the common questions we get asked. If you have other questions, please send an email to contactduomo@duomoinitiative.com

Should I enroll if I'm already a Duomo Trader Development Program member?

No, Market Mindset Mastery is all the mind-related sections of the Duomo Trader Development Program. If you're already a member, they're included in your program.

Will this training teach me how to trade?

We don't cover trading techniques in Market Mindset Mastery. However, the training will provide you with everything you need to see a significant improvement in your performance if you are already using an effective trading method. You'll also learn about probabilistic thinking which will greatly improve the way you analyse the markets, assess opportunities, and make trading decisions.

Is there any one-to-one support or mentorship included?

Market Mindset Mastery is a self-learning program. If you want more hands-on support, you should join the Duomo Trader Development Program which includes regular live streams and support.

How is this different to other trading psychology training?

Market Mindset Mastery is based on extensive research into neuroscience, psychology, neuroeconomics, behavioural economics, and other well-researched fields. The training is based on evidence-based information and references peer-reviewed studies. Unlike other trading psychology courses, we don't focus on surface-level information, opinions, unfounded received wisdom, or self-development pseudoscience. The program covers all aspects of trading psychology to give you a complete understanding of what takes place in your brain and body, so you can figure out root cause problems and work on them.

What if I want to join the Duomo Trader Development Program later?

If you want to join the Duomo Trader Development Program, the price you pay for Market Mindset Mastery will be discounted from your enrollment. However, if you want the best experience we would recommend joining DTDP first, as the curriculum has been carefully structured to include the sections in Market Mindset Mastery at the ideal time in your development.

What Duomo Members Say

Check out some of the comments from existing members and how they have benefitted from training at The Duomo Initiative

"This year, I've earned £66,000 with my funded accounts. I travelled for 2 months through Hawaii and Peru, and paid almost all of it with the money I earned from trading. How the Duomo Method breaks down the markets in a logical way and then leads you to pinpoint an entry that leads to a major move, is just unbelievable."
Marco, Switzerland
"The training at Duomo really changed my life. It allowed me to secure £140,000 in trading capital from a prop fund. My improved situation meant I could achieve my dream of starting a business and moving to Dubai."
Connor, Dubai
"Since joining I have clarity in my vision and a clear direction on how to get there... If you can see yourself doing it in the next 5 years, jump in with both feet and don’t look back."
Will, Australia
"Not to get too cheesy but finding The Duomo Initiative has possibly been the best thing that's ever happened to me. I've learned so much about the financial markets and after 6 months of solid studying I've realised I can turn this into my career."
Jacob, UK
"I was very fortunate to have discovered the Duomo Method very early on in my trading journey so I was able to avoid many of the painful experiences that new traders go through."
Iry, Italy
"Without the support of the community I’m not sure whether I would have pushed myself the way I have. Joining this community was one of the best decisions I’ve made so far! At this point I would like to say “Thank You” to the team and the community it really means a lot to me to be part of this."
Simon, Switzerland
"I personally know in the forex industry there is a lot of garbage out there and there's also some pretty shady people. I would say to do your homework but take the risk on this program, this is the best method of trading that I've actually come across over the years and I actually feel quite fortunate that I managed to stumble upon The Duomo Initiative. Loved the course, If i can't make it after this course it's impossible."
Alex, Canada
"I've been trading on-and-off for over ten years. My greatest challenge before joining Duomo was consistent profitability! I felt like trading wasn't for me, that I wasn't going to make it as a trader. It's not easy - is anything that’s worthwhile in life? But the rewards are there when you start to put in the work in the right way."
Raffaele, Australia
"Before joining, any form of profitability with my trading was a challenge, but mostly the psychology within the trading. I reached out to Nicholas and the Duomo team, and I finally allowed myself to listen to and be taught by them...I currently am trading forex solely and full time."
Dominic, South Africa

Start learning today

Choose the plan that suits you and get instant access to Market Mindset Mastery.

One-time payment:
20+ hours of detailed videos
All updates & enhancements
Supporting text modules
Trader meditation tracks
Trading focus music tracks
Discount on enrollment in DTDP
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Three monthly payments:
20+ hours of detailed videos
All updates & enhancements
Supporting text modules
Trader meditation tracks
Trading focus music tracks
Discount on enrollment in DTDP
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