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The Duomo Initiative covers all aspects you need to succeed at financial trading. Our flagship course, The Duomo Method, will guide you towards becoming a complete trader, based on our underlying market model and price theory.

Developed by experts

The Duomo Market Theory and Method were discovered by an experienced team featuring financial professionals and a physicist.

Backed by research

Non-technical areas like trading psychology are based on cutting-edge research and studies, not the common trading myths.

Extensively tested

All aspects have been meticulously tested and tweaked, manually and automatically, before successfully being traded live.

Grounded in logic

Our approach is interdependent and interrelated. We were ruthless in cutting anything that didn't make logical sense.

No More 'InstaguruFX'

You won't find Gucci sliders, Lamborghinis or false claims of quick riches. We cut through the online trading 'noise' to provide meaningful training based on experience, knowledge and consistent results.


In this FREE 6-part video series, you'll learn the five critical things you need if you want to succeed at trading. When traders miss even one of these, they're setting themselves up to fail.


What Our Alumni Are Saying...

"Trading has changed a lot in my life. I really do think that joining the Duomo Initiative was the best thing that could’ve happened. The team, the other members, we’re all a big family which aim for the same goal."

- Marco

"The Duomo Method course gave me a solid foundation in technical analysis however being part of the Duomo Community is really what has made the biggest difference for me and my trading results."

- Iry

"Without the support of the community, I’m not sure whether I would have pushed myself the way I have. Joining this community was one of the best decisions I’ve made so far!"

- Simon


Nicholas Puri founded The Duomo Initiative with a mission to teach traders...

  • Approaches that treat trading as a skill and reduce the element of luck
  • Systems that allow for dependable decision-making
  • Roadmaps for a long-term career based on consistently profitable results
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