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We make complex subjects simple enough your nan could follow. Because great learning comes from clear explanations.

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Say goodbye to the long-winded textbooks that have more fluff than stuff. Let's make 'economics and chill' a thing!

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Absolutely Great

In my humble opinion, the course is absolutely great. The video modules that you get are really well made and in very high quality. The combination of video modules and chart modules deepens your understanding of the subject immensely. If you have any questions the team always responds in a very short period of time, enabling you to learn in the fastest possible way.

Simon Fankhauser

Course Member (review via TrustPilot)

Perfect for new traders

I have some experience in the markets, but, after purchasing the education, I have a very different outlook on trading and how the market works, learning in a step by step program. set out perfectly, everything was covered.

Joshua Morris

Course Member (review via TrustPilot)

A No-Nonsense Trading Course for Serious Entrepreneurs

The Duomo Method is BY FAR THE trading method to learn if you want to take trading as a profession/business - and I should know, I've taken quite literally a dozen "trading courses" before bumping onto Duomo Initiative! :-)

Philbert Ranji

Course Member (review via TrustPilot)

Fantastically motivational learning tools

I have been a huge advocate among everyone I know for the Duomo Initiative. Everything that they produce is always fantastically prepared. I would highly recommend their products. The Duomo Initiative provide fantastically motivational learning tools that really do inspire you to learn more and more about the subjects that they cover!

James Jacques

Course Member (review via TrustPilot)

Very reasonably priced and very definitely worth it

As was mentioned before, it actually feels like a school. Things are gone over in different ways so that those with different learning styles have a chance to have those Aha! moments. While you are in the course, and especially after, having access to the community and especially to Nicholas and his team is equally as valuable as the course itself.

Dean Van Vlack

Course Member (review via TrustPilot)

Hands down the best source of financial/trading education

Everyone on the forum is great and very helpful. If you’re new to trading then this approach to learning is fantastic and will help you understand the many aspects of the trading world. If you are already trading then this will set fact from fiction and get you onto the right path.

James Booth

Course Member (review via Facebook)

Educational Pioneers! Updating traditional education!

I have taken their flagship course which is learning to trade using their own method, The Duomo Method and also their course on the Euro. The way the courses are laid out are succinct and to the point which on a personal note I love, I hate waffle! The points are clear and well explained but require practice to master.

Christopher Portway

Course Member (review via TrustPilot)

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If more people are to become financially savvy, we must improve the delivery of information. Fin-Ed needs to adopt advancements in education to make lessons more compelling, engaging and effective.


Price and Accessibility

Limited availability and extortionate prices restrict access to genuine expertise and knowledge. The more accessible good education can become, the more potential we will unlock.

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