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On-demand training that gives you the blueprint and guidance to achieve your potential as trader.

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Technical Analysis
System & Strategy
Risk Management
Trading Psychology
The duomo method
We cover everything you need to trade the markets profitably and create your own financial success story. This means all the principles, practice and methods designed to transform you into a confident and consistent financial trader.

Learn at your own pace

Get 24/7 lifetime access to the course materials, so you can learn as rapidly or slowly and deliberately as you want to.

Get hands-on support

You can get access to feedback and support on your trades and analysis from our community and the Duomo Team via our app.

Build a powerful system

By using the Duomo Method tools and concepts, you can adopt a dependable system that provides great returns with controlled risk.

Continual improvement

We'll teach you how you can keep enhancing your edge by optimising and improving your trading system and performance.

Your Plan for Trading Success

Most traders set themselves up for failure by not having the right road-map. They learn the wrong things and implement them at the wrong time. At the Duomo Initiative, we'll use our 3-phase plan to ensure you learn effective trading approaches in an efficient and logical way.

Phase 1:
Gain a Deep Understanding
After joining the course, you'll be focused on learning and practising the tools and concepts deeply. This phase is all about developing your skill-set as a trader to prepare you for all expected and unexpected market conditions.
Phase 2:
Achieve Consistency
Once you have a deep understanding in the core skill-set, you'll start bringing everything together and focus on correct execution in the markets. We teach you how to achieve consistency in your approach, which is the first step towards being consistently profitable.
Phase 3:
Build Your Profitability
During this phase you transition to using real money. Your approach in the markets will be replicable and dependable every day. We now focus on ironing out psychological issues that may harm your performance and crunch the numbers to start tweaking and optimising your system for ultimate success.

Here's what our members say...

James Jacques
Course Member
“Everything that they produce is always fantastically prepared and takes even those who have no experience in the finance industry whatsoever into consideration. I would highly recommend their products.”
Joshua Morris
Course member
“I have some experience in the markets, but, after purchasing the education, I have a very different outlook on trading and how the market works, learning in a step by step program. set out perfectly, everything was covered.”
Chris Portway
Course Member
“Having been involved with the Duomo Method for a while now, the reason I like it a lot is that it actually explains a lot of the market movements where a lot of other methods don't seem to."
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