Proven Trading Method

Comprehensive Development Program

Evidence-Based Learning

Learning to trade shouldn't be a waste of time. But for most retail traders it is.

Without access to an effective development program their hard work leads to no progress

Their time and effort is wasted on...

Outdated trading approaches that just don't work

Self-serving mentors with no real expertise

Piecing together knowledge from multiple sources

Which leaves them feeling...

Frustrated about wasting time without real progress

Low in confidence and self-esteem

Drained of enthusiasm and feeling like a failure

Retail traders deserve for their time and effort to lead to meaningful progress.
Join the Duomo Trader Development Program where we won't just teach you to trade, we'll provide everything you need to become a high performance trader - in one place.

More than just another online course...

It's a professional development program that feels like you're doing an MBA in trading

Proven Trading Method

Our proprietary Duomo Market Theory takes the guesswork out of trading so you can execute pin-point precise trades.

Comprehensive Program

We don't just teach you to trade, we help you develop all areas needed as a trader. Including psychology, systems and getting funded.

Evidence-Based Learning

Even the program structure is based on scientific research. We use peer-reviewed studies rather than unproven trading myths.

Everything you need, all in one program

We've carefully researched, tested and constructed the most efficient and effective trading program so your time and effort can be dedicated entirely to your development

Learn accurate analysis and trade execution

Unlike other trading approaches, we don't just teach you patterns to memorise or indicators to rely on.

Instead, we use a first principles approach that can be applied to all market situations for accurate analysis and precise entries.

Based on our proprietary market model

In addition to teaching you what to do, we also explain how and why the market moves that way. Our method is based on the exclusive market model and price theory that we discovered.

You'll also learn complex theories about how markets operate that are typically outside the retail scope and more aligned with insitutional trading.

Develop a 1-of-1 trading system ideal for you

High performance can only be achieved when you find a style and approach that suits you and plays to your strengths.

We'll be working towards creating a tailored trading system that's ideal for you, as well as figuring out what makes you tick. By understanding what drives you, we can keep you motivated, happy and performing at your very best.

Go deeper into what will drives performance

Most trading psychology gives shallow explanations of symptom-level issues. We go beyond that to find the root causes behind common trading problems and use evidence-based findings to solve them.

We'll dive into the neuroscience of trading, as well as what brain research has shown to be the optimal sequence for achieving high performance.

Successful approaches for getting funded

This program will continue to guide you even once you start becoming a profitable trader. It's like having a digital mentor at your fingertips.

This includes sharing proven strategies for passing the challenges at prop firms like FTMO. That way you can gain a funded trading account and benefit from trading larger amounts of capital.

"Trading has changed a lot in my life. I really do think that joining the Duomo Initiative was the best thing that could’ve happened. The team, the other members, we’re all a big family which aim for the same goal."

Marco, Switzerland

Duomo Member

"Since joining I have clarity in my vision and a clear direction on how to get there... If you can see yourself doing it in the next 5 years, jump in with both feet and don’t look back."

Will, Australia

Duomo Member

"The Duomo Method course gave me a solid foundation in technical analysis however being part of the Duomo Community is really what has made the biggest difference for me and my trading results."

Iry, South Africa

Duomo Member

How can you start making progress in the markets?

Most people learning a complex skill know that the more effort they put in, the more they’ll progress. But for retail traders it’s more like trying to find their way through a complicated maze of losing methods, self-serving mentors and fragmented knowledge. They end up feel frustrated and annoyed that most of their time and effort was spent pursuing a dead-end rather than on meaningful progress.

If they could join a world class academy for trading, like performance institutes in other industries, their time and effort would be well-spent developing all aspects needed to achieve high performance. They would be on-track, confident in the markets and excited about their progress.

At the Duomo Initiative, we’re creating the world’s first online performance institute for retail traders because if someone’s willing to sacrifice their time and effort to become a trader, they deserve to be treated like a professional too.

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