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About This Masterclass

Trading isn't just a money-making scheme, it's a complex skill. While countless courses rehash the same advice, this masterclass offers a fresh perspective. Discover the true essence of trading, drawn from deep expertise and a genuine passion for the markets.

In this unmissable hour, you'll discover:


The true definition of successful trading

It isn't just about making profits. There's a formula for successful trading that changes how you assess trades.


How to become a consistent trader

To be consistently profitable, first you have to be consistent. You'll learn a key factor for achieving that.


How to assess great opportunities

Most traders assess opportunities inappropriately because they miss the most vital piece of information.


How to formulate an effective system

There is a series of key phases your system should include. These should be customised to your skillset.


How to accelerate your skill development

We explore what brain research reveals about how we develop skills, to fast-track our learning process.


The truth about trading psychology

We all know psychology is important in trading, yet most traders misunderstand what this really involves.

What Our Members Say

Meet Your Instructor: Nicholas Puri

For over 20 years, driven by a genuine passion for the markets, Nicholas has dedicated himself to becoming a top tier trader. After achieving success in the markets, in 2012, he left his banking career to trade full-time. Along the way, he's learned from and worked with some of the most impressive individuals in the industry.

As the driving force behind The Duomo Initiative, Nicholas is committed to providing traders the right techniques and insights to succeed. This masterclass is a distillation of years of experience, offering you a clear path in the often complex maze of trading.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long will I have access to the masterclass? 
Once you sign up, you'll have unrestricted access to the session. Watch it as many times as you like (in fact, we encourage you to watch it more than once to pick up on all the information).

Is this for beginners or advanced traders? 
This masterclass is designed for traders of all levels. It provides foundational lessons for beginners, and important insights for more experienced traders to help overcome plateaus and unlock new levels in their potential.

Will I have to pay for anything? 
This is an entirely free training. We will give you the opportunity to join our Duomo Trader Development Program, which is a paid program, but there is no obligation to join. You'll still receive full access to the masterclass and in-depth, actionable lessons by email.

What if I have questions during the session? 
The masterclass is pre-recorded, so there is no opportunity to ask questions during the session itself. However, after the session you'll receive a series of detailed lessons by email that cover the topics in more depth. If you still need more answers, you can email us at

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