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We teach traders a modern and logical approach to the markets with our proven trading method, developed through testing rather than anecdotes.

It's time for retail trading to evolve...

There aren’t many things that move as rapidly as the financial markets.

But while the suits in the city have innovated to stay ahead of the curve, private traders are stuck in the past using techniques even older than the computer. Wasting time on ineffective strategies and inefficient learning methods, just to become inferior traders.

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The 5 Requirements for Successful Trading

In this FREE 6-part video series, you'll learn the five critical things you need if you want to succeed at trading. When traders miss even one of these, they're setting themselves up to fail.

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We're redefining what it means to be a trader

The playing field between institutional and retail traders has been levelling, but not rapidly enough. We are on a mission to help accelerate it.

To achieve this, it takes a strong team with the right set of values to steer people away from current toxic online trading culture and towards professionalism. We are proud to be driven by our strong values.

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Facts Not Fiction

Our content explains the truth about trading. We don't rely on incorrect 'received wisdom' or anecdotes. We make use of proven studies, verifiable data and always look to go deeper than shallow surface-level assumptions.

Have We Been Lied to About Trading Emotions Being Bad?

The Real Reasons for 2% Risk Management Trading Rule

What I Learned Growing a Small Trading Account for 1 Month

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"Trading has changed a lot in my life. I really do think that joining the Duomo Initiative was the best thing that could’ve happened. The team, the other members, we’re all a big family which aim for the same goal."

Marco - Duomo Member

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"The Duomo Method course gave me a solid foundation in technical analysis however being part of the Duomo Community is really what has made the biggest difference for me and my trading results."

Iry - Duomo Member

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"Without the support of the community, I’m not sure whether I would have pushed myself the way I have. Joining this community was one of the best decisions I’ve made so far!"

Simon - Duomo Member

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