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About The Duomo Initiative

If someone is willing to sacrifice their time and effort to become a trader, they shouldn’t be made to feel like a failure without ever having a genuine opportunity to succeed.

Our Mission

We're trying to disrupt the long-term status quo in the financial markets by helping more retail traders transform the limits of their potential through access to the information, expertise and technology they need to achieve high performance.

The Duomo Way

Insatiable Curiosity

We don't just accept things on face value. We question why things are the way they are and strive to understand deeper through research, analysis and learning.

Pioneering Attitude

We embrace the opportunity to be different and to be first. We push ourselves to innovate, try new things and help drive the entire industry forward.

Performance Focused

We strive for the highest levels of performance from ourselves, our clients and for our stakeholders. We seek constant improvement and marginal gains.

Most people learning a complex skill know that the more effort they put in, the more they’ll progress. But for retail traders it’s more like trying to find their way through a complicated maze of losing methods, self-serving mentors and fragmented knowledge. They end up feel frustrated and annoyed that most of their time and effort was spent pursuing a dead-end rather than on meaningful progress.

If they could join a world class academy for trading, like performance institutes in other industries, their time and effort would be well-spent developing all aspects needed to achieve high performance. They would be on-track, confident in the markets and excited about their progress.

At the Duomo Initiative, we’re creating the world’s first online performance institute for retail traders because if someone’s willing to sacrifice their time and effort to become a trader, they deserve to be treated like a professional too.

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