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About The Duomo Initiative

We're on a mission to improve financial education.

Learning should be enjoyable, straight-forward and accessible for everyone.

About The Duomo Initiative

At the Duomo Initiative, we believe financial education has the power to inspire positive change in people's lives. That is why we are on a mission to improve financial learning by making it more appealing and accessible for everyday people.

We offer courses that break down complex subjects into simple, easy to understand content that is engaging and inclusive.

By encouraging our members to learn about important subjects they never had the opportunity to discover before, we help them build a passion for learning and a path to develop their potential.

Nicholas and Alexander with the High Commissioner of Malta at our 3-day training event.

Distilling knowledge from experienced professionals

We make use of our extensive professional network, built from decades of experience in the financial services industry, to produce the very best educational content for our members.

Our courses and lessons have included collaborations and insights from academics, financial services professionals, central bankers and fund managers.

In a world of fake news, we have built a reputation for being a credible source of information that our members and audience trust.

Integrating with higher education institutions

Traditional higher education institutions still have an important role to play in society, even with most things moving online. However, the leading institutions recognise that students want an approach that ties in with their lifestyle and how they receive information.

We have worked with several universities to integrate our content with their curriculum to enhance their students' learning. This is a core focus at the Duomo Initiative as part of our ambition to help more young people build a passion for learning financial subjects.

We have also worked with other traditional institutions, including a collaboration with the British Museum, to help deliver a modern approach to educational content.

Nicholas introducing a Duomo guest talk at Loughborough University.
In the Times of Malta with the former Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of Malta.

Want to collaborate with us?

We have been featured in mainstream newspapers and online publications and are always happy to provide information or cooperate with media outlets when requested.

We have also collaborated with other companies to provide articles and videos, or feature on podcasts and interviews. Our content has been published on Nasdaq, FXStreet and Seeking Alpha.

If you are a company that's looking to collaborate with us on a project that will further our goals of improving financial education and helping more people ignite a passion for learning, we would love to hear from you.