About The Duomo Initiative

We're focused on helping people achieve elite-level performance in the skill of trading.

Trading is a complex skill that requires development and knowledge in many critical areas. Unfortunately many new traders receive inappropriate information that leads them to focus on the wrong things and not achieve their potential in the markets.

We cut through the unhelpful noise generated by the majority of the trading education industry. We believe, like any other profession, you should be able to trust that the institution you are learning with is teaching you the right skills.

Our comprehensive learning package allows people to become a complete trader; using the Duomo Method to build a long-term successful career in trading. Our members' success is our mission.

We're driven by our core values

As part of the Duomo Team we are making a pact that we will seek to raise the bar in all areas and strive for excellence.
We will delight our customers. We will not settle for average. We will not compromise on this.
This is represented by our 10 core values and company culture:
1. Passion
Our enthusiasm and love for our work, customers and brand is palpable and present in everything we do.
2. Communication
We are approachable, humble, helpful, genuine and empathetic. We are open about what we are doing.
3. Selflessness
We never benefit at our members' expense. We don't just aim to satisfy members, we want to delight them.
4. Integrity
We are honest, transparent and deliver on our promises. Members and colleagues can have faith in us.
5. Execution
We are predisposed to action and execution. We focus on getting things done and encourage others to as well.
6. Inclusion
Every voice is important and a diverse community and team are essential for serving our members in the best way.
7. Learning
We encourage an elite-level culture by practising what we preach and focusing on our learning and development.
8. Innovation
We don't want to do what everyone else does, we want to achieve our best. We aim for continuous improvement.
9. Strategic Thinking
We make wise decisions with purpose that are focused on achieving our long-term vision for our members.
10. Courage
We go against our instincts and self-interest when we know it is for the good of our members and the company.