About The Duomo Initiative

Who are we?

The Duomo Initiative is a provider of online financial education.

We produce courses and lessons focusing on topics such as investing, trading the financial markets, accountancy, economics, and practical finance. These are typically topics that can be seen as complicated and inaccessible for many people, but we make them engaging and straightforward for anyone to learn.

Why this matters…

The topic of finance, with its many different fields and variations, is a critical topic to embrace and understand. Even if you do not want to start a career in the financial services industry, it can be vitally important to understand how to manage your own personal finances. This may involve investing or trading, to build more financial security for your future or simply understanding how to improve your current situation to give yourself more peace of mind.

Unfortunately, although the situation is improving, we live in a world where financial education is not given the importance it deserves. Right now, there are worrying trends regarding consumer credit and our current financial culture seems to endorse this growing credit bubble.

Without having the necessary education in financial matters, people are left scraping by each month or relying on debt, without being able to see any light at the end of the tunnel. Consumer credit and personal finance statistics are alarming.

By making financial education more accessible and more engaging, we are helping thousands of people around the world to start breathing a little easier. To start regaining control of their own life and start planning for the future they deserve and desire. At The Duomo Initiative, it’s our aim and duty to extend this from thousands of people to millions worldwide.

The problem with financial education…

There are a number of issues with financial education that are causing people to see it as inaccessible or to become overwhelmed and abandon it.

We categorise these issues as price, consumer knowledge, trust, expertise, and style.


The current landscape for financial courses offers two extreme ends of the spectrum and neither of them offers what a consumer needs. On one end, you have the very affordable, low-cost courses. However, in the majority of cases, these are not being created or delivered by individuals or companies that are knowledgeable or experienced in the subject they are teaching. This is a common pitfall in popular areas such as trading and investing.

On the other hand, the courses being offered by genuine experts are extortionately priced. If you consider the cost of undertaking a course in preparation for a professional financial exam (such as the CFA, CeMAP, IAD, PCIAM, etc.) it is completely unaffordable for the majority of people; even those in a full-time career.

Consumer Knowledge

The financial world is diverse. Although a consumer may know what issue they are facing or what they think they need to know, they may not have the knowledge to choose the correct topic to study.

This leads to inappropriate choices being made (or no choice at all). They also may not have the self-confidence to believe they are capable of learning a financial topic since people assume you need prior qualifications or some sort of exceptional ability.

Consumers need guidance about what topics they should be learning and encouragement about their capabilities to learn them.

Trust and Expertise

When someone has little to no experience in the financial world, it can be difficult to understand what factors show someone is an expert in their field or not. This leads people to trust in individuals or companies that are using smoke and mirrors to mislead people for financial gain.

Unfortunately, there are many misconceptions about the financial industry and people are vulnerable when it comes to matters regarding money. This has allowed people, particularly on social media, to portray an image that people associate with success in finance and lead people down the wrong path.

Consumers need to know they can trust in the company they are learning from and have faith that they are receiving information from an expert who has experience in the matter.


Unfortunately, the real experts in the industry tend to have an unappealing style that is not engaging to follow. This leads to low participation from students.

The subjects are also taught without any real acknowledgement of educational best practices. Ultimately, it does not matter how great or specialised the information is if it is simply not being learned by the students.

The solution…

At The Duomo Initiative, we are in the process of building an online school that will solve all of the above problems. We will be offering a service that fulfills the needs of people that are ready to learn something meaningful… something that matters.

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Nicholas Puri and Alexander Cassar of The Duomo Initiative

Co-founders Alexander Cassar (left) and Nicholas Puri (centre) at the Duomo Initiative live event in 2017 with the High Commissioner of Malta (right)

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