The Duomo Initiative
People, Passion, Potential

We create straightforward, engaging and enjoyable financial education content to help people discover a passion for learning and achieve their potential.

What is The Duomo Initiative?

The Duomo Initiative is the education division of PuriCassar AG, a Swiss-based financial company.

The company founders, Nicholas Puri and Alexander Cassar have always been focused on the first of the three ‘P’s that define Duomo: People.

Regardless of the industry, regardless of the product or service and regardless of the subject, the focus is always about people. How will the actions we’re taking and the service we’re providing impact the people that we’re serving?

In the financial world, we tend to find that this is something most companies are not considering. People, and particularly certain groups of people, are massively under-served. Profits take priority.

Unfortunately, in the education world, there is a similar situation; people are not being put first in all situations. Instead of thinking about what will provide the best possible learning experience for people, there is very much an implicit attitude of ‘you get what you’re given’. Here’s the information, here’s the lesson… like it or lump it.

We want to change that.

There have been many discoveries about the way people learn and many innovations in educational technology, it’s time to put that to very good use. Particularly in the financial education space, which seems to have been stuck in a time warp for a few decades.

This brings us onto the next two ‘P’s: passion and potential.

A lot of people look at financial topics and think, “I’ll never understand that!”. However, this is often the fault of the person presenting the information and the way it is being taught; keeping things complicated to maintain an image of complexity and intelligence. Instead, if we break down the topics and explain them in a straightforward way, people start to understand. This allows people to start achieving their potential in an area they would never have dreamed of understanding.

Finally, we come onto Passion. We are truly passionate about the subjects we teach and we work with experts who are also passionate about their field. Our hope is that this passion transfers to our members and audience. When you’re passionate about your subject, the lessons are instantly more engaging and enjoyable. People feed off this passion and develop a similar passion.

We want people to achieve their potential by discovering a passion. A passion for finance and economics and, more importantly, a passion for learning.

Nicholas Puri and Alexander Cassar of The Duomo Initiative

Alexander Cassar (left) and Nicholas Puri (centre) at the Duomo Initiative live event in 2017 with the High Commissioner of Malta (right)

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