About Nicholas Puri

Nicholas is the founder of The Duomo Initiative, creator of the the Duomo Method, and co-developer of the Duomo Market Theory.

Hi, I'm Nicholas.

I teach traders of all ability levels a more logical and structured approach to trading, using my unique method that leads to remarkably precise trades and great results.

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I first got obsessed with the markets over 20 years ago around 2001, when I randomly picked out a trading game in the bargain bucket of my local shop. Since then, the financial markets have been my passion and I’ve been on a mission to learn everything I can about them.

I dedicated years to learning all the techniques and strategies I could find, always expecting the next method would be ‘the one’... But all I achieved were losses. Like most traders, I was left feeling frustrated and confused by all the conflicting information.

In an attempt to gain clarity, I decided to make it a project to test everything objectively - ditch what didn’t work, keep what did. Through this project I was shocked to find that most of what I’d learned was entirely useless. However, thanks to this process, I started to discover some important principles of price movements. As I explored deeper, I started to develop my own approach. This later evolved into the Duomo Method.

Using this new approach, my performance slowly started to improve. By the time I graduated from university and started my career in banking, I was already making more money from my trading on the side than I was from my salary.

By 2012, I’d made enough money in the markets to be able to leave my career and start trading full-time. Since then, I’ve been on an amazing journey… I started an investment fund, developed an algorithmic trading system, discovered a new market theory, consulted at global financial institutions, lectured at top universities, and collaborated with some of the industry’s very best.

In recent years, I decided to start Duomo to share my knowledge, experience, and passion for the markets. Trading has improved my life in many ways, and it can do the same for others too. By following a more structured approach using my proven method, traders can take a quicker and easier route than the years of frustrating trial and error I went through.

I've now helped thousands of traders around the world develop their trading by learning the Duomo Method, and it's been one of the most fulfilling experiences of my life.