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Contact The Duomo Initiative

An important note…

As we receive a huge amount of messages and emails each day, we ask that you please understand and respect the amount of time it may take us to get back to you.

We try our best to answer all emails and you will usually receive a response from a member of the team within a matter of days.

Trading related questions:

If you are a member of The Duomo Method online course, please use the members forum to get a quick answer.

If you are not a course member, unfortunately we may be unable to answer your trading questions due to the number of questions we receive. We recommend leaving a comment on one of our YouTube videos that is relevant to your question.

Question not answered by existing content:

If you feel your question could be answered by a video or if you think we have not covered a subject, please leave us a content suggestion by using the form below (choose ‘content suggestion’ from the drop-down box).

(Please note: we will not answer any queries regarding third-parties that we are not associated with. This includes requests for broker recommendations.)

Contacting Nicholas Puri directly:

Please understand that while Nicholas tries to read and answer all messages and emails, it is not always possible, so another member of the team may respond instead.

Social media:

If you have a short comment or question, why not tweet us? We’re also on Facebook and Instagram.