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“If you’re going to learn to trade, learn from someone who has been there and done it, like Nicholas. It’s good, honest advice from someone who is passionate about what he does.

- Tony Hale, UK.

“An excellent introduction to the complex world of trading. They break the basics into manageable, easy-to-follow pieces and don’t confuse in the process.”

- John Matchett, UK.

"I'm new to trading. I would say that finding a mentor that shows great enthusiasm and honesty is vital for anyone...Trading can be a scary thing and yet with proper training such as Duomo Method you are more prepared to receive the benefits, which could help in many aspects of your life."

- Richard Camacho, US.

“If you want unparalleled education in forex trading, The Duomo Initiative is the place to be. No clutter, it’s just trading made easy in a professional and practical way!”

- Daniel Kimotho, Kenya. 

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'How to Trade Like a TraderPreneur' eBook 

Being a trader means being an entrepreneur running your own company.

However, most traders seem to get this wrong and treat it like a hobby. 

In this book you'll learn how to set up a professional trading terminal, create your own trading assistant for free, enhance your trading performance and optimise your trading strategy.

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4 lessons covering the most important areas of trading. 

In just 2 short hours, you will learn the fundamentals of trading and already be placing your first trades in the market. 

Ideal for newcomers to trading - even if you have no prior experience at all.

The most comprehensive and profitable trading resource online. 

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