A List of the Top Free Trading and Investing 'Fundamentals' Resources

March 24, 2020
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Last update: 24 March 2020

This list will be updated over time to show the latest resources we are using to stay on top of the economy, financial news, politics and anything else outside of technical analysis that may help with your trading and investing.

The list will only feature free resources rather than any paid resources we use. We have tried to keep the list relatively short and only feature things we think will be relevant to a broad range of traders rather than smaller groups and without any extreme political or economic bias (as much as possible!).

Economic Calendars

If you want the latest figures from economies around the world or to know what time each day the markets you are trading may be disrupted, you'll be needing to regularly check the economic calendar. Rather than relying on one source, we recommend checking several each day to double-check in case there are any differences (which happens often).

Economic Data

If you are doing research or trying to run forecasts, you can access economic and financial data at these sites. Unfortunately the paid options for data (such as Bloomberg, Factset etc.) will always be much better, but these data resources also have a lot of information available and will satisfy most needs.

Twitter Accounts

Once you start using Twitter to get up-to-date news reports, you'll find it difficult to switch back to traditional news media since it feels too slow. Rather than having an extensive list of individual Twitter accounts, we've chosen a few options that will report on news as it becomes available. This includes economic data releases and any other important announcements (such as central bank activity and political developments) that may move the markets.


Staying on top of the financial news is essential, even if you trade based on technical analysis. By understanding the context of the market movements, you'll have a much better grasp of when it is or isn't a good time to be trading. Choosing a news outlet, especially these days, comes down to personal choice. We've chosen some options that have a good economics/financial focus, are not so sensationalist and have a more centrist view.


Although it's always a good idea to do your own analysis and build your own view of the markets, it can often help to get the opinion of experts you trust and respect. Here is a list of blogs (or, in the case of Seeking Alpha and Project Syndicate, websites with multiple blogs) that we frequently read. They focus mainly on analysis and opinions of the financial markets and macroeconomics.

Email Newsletters

Some days you don't have time to dig around different websites, but want to stay in the loop about what's going on. Here is a list of newsletters we would recommend signing up to, so you can receive daily briefs on the financial markets, economics and politics that matters. Most of these are quite light reading, rather than getting into complex detail.


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